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Central Oregon Fall 2008 Calendar Business Events    October 1 1:00-4:00pm Powerful Practices for the Small Business with Peter Marsh, Central Oregon Association of Realtors, 388-3236 October 2 5:30-7:00pm Young Professionals Network, Java Crew, 306-7611 October 7 5:30-7:30pm Opportunity Knocks A...
Good Evening Everyone, A short time ago, Active Rain lost one of its most significant contributors to breast cancer. I am not going to go into what an incredible person Karen was or how many lives she touched here. Suffice it to say those of us who knew her will never forget her. You should know ...
Based on the successful children's novel "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie".....  I have a friend who does daycare. One of her clients is a grandmother who is the sole custodian of her granddaughter. At the end of the year, my friend (a sole proprietor) sent a 1099 form to her client who inadvertentl...
I am beginning to wonder......is it just another urban legend? Where is the AR newsletter I keep reading about? There are plenty of vague references to it, how great it is and even co-conspirators vowing that it REALLY does exist. I can't find it though, not one link to it, not one shred of hard ...
Cutting through the crap, straight to the chase. Times are tough, the economy sucks and everyone is struggling to keep things together. There are two things you can do. ONE, increase your revenue and TWO, cut your expenses.  My short list here should save you at least $200 per month, hopefully mo...
Everyone's nervous these days and with good reason. Big businesses are closing daily, the real estate market is in the toilet, stock values are plummeting and we are now facing the highest nationwide unemployment rate in years. Couple that with a "difficult" mortgage market, a historic election y...
What are Googel Alerts? Google Alerts are a tool provided by Google to allow users to find out when a particular subject matter has been "picked up" by Google. Why do I need them? You can use Google Alerts to keep you privy to news in your area, your interests, your blog, your website, your artic...
I know times are tough and many brokers are having a difficult time staying afloat. I think the key in any market is to stay VISIBLE. With so many agents to select from, buyers are often overwhelmed with their choices. 9 out of 10 are going to choose someone they recognize. Since so many of us ha...
In this type of market, there's plenty to speculate about. Unfortunately, some of that speculation tends to lead to unfounded rumors. Recently, I've heard everything from which bank/restaurant/mortgage lender is folding to which builder isn't paying their bills to which suicide was over money tro...
I'm sure this blog is going to get lots of folks up in arms but I am tired of reading over and over again of how agents are refusing to WORK without: 1. an agency agreement 2.   a buyer prequalification letter This seems absolutely CRAZY. In this economy, I don't know how anyone can honestly make...

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