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  Not sure about any of you but I detest folding fitted sheets when they come out of the dryer... I can never getting them looking neat and pretty... half the time I just fold into quarters and put away... now there are instructions from Style at Home on how to fold a fitted sheet properly.  Enjo...
Love this quote from Feeling I  thought I would share with my Active Rain friends today...We are often our own harshest critic: not forgiving ourselves for perceived mistakes, berating ourselves for not being good enough & being meaner to us than we'd ever be to anyone else. Let it...
I always advise my clients to pack away any valuables or collectibles.. You have no control over whom may come to view your home during a showing, but you do have control over what they see and touch.. great reminder Valerie to make sure all of our valuables are packed away.. I was recently doing...
I had an very interesting conversation with a local REA this morning.. we were discussing our local market and how Home Staging is perceived here. Home owners here often don't understand the importance of Home Staging and  would rather take a price reduction than Stage their home!  Most  home own...
What can you do with Old IKEA furniture???  Found this cute blog that has differant ideas on what to do with misc pieces of IKEA furniture.. kinda quirky... just goes to show that every can be repurposed into something differant. How about making a bed with built-in storage using old bookshelves?...
This is a great idea that allows fellow business owners that are just starting out to put their best foot forward.  I think it is a wonderful way to help others.A former co-worker introduced me to Kiva a couple of years ago. Since then, I have had more fun with $25.00 than I ever could have imagi...
  Why do we need to say Thank You... because we all need the practice!  Thanks to Mark Boyd for reminding us to be more appreciative of what others do for us, however small!   Customer service is the most thankless work around.  Whenever something is wrong, you're ALWAYS notified...sometimes not ...
Free Advertising Anyone??? Found this site thanks to Melissa Marro.. another media that allows you to get your business out on the web. Applicable for those of us in Canada, England, USA or Australia. MerchantCircle is the largest online network of local business owners, combining social networki...
  Why Social Media and Active Rain Will Put Tangible Dollars in Your Pocket!!!   All I can say is WOW!  Social Media is here to stay!  Guess I better get tweeting!   So I love this. This is the third or fourth in his series. Erik Qualman, is the revolutionary author of Socialnomics. This is a ver...
Wow, I dont think I could have said this any better myself.  If this is getting viewed alot that means more people are listening!!!  Yeah! Back in August of last year, I published a post called 6 Reasons why your house won't sell.  It garnered an unbelievable (at least unbelievable for ME) 192 co...

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