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I enjoy my REALTOR life, as well as my personal life, and blog about both along the way.
So far, I have slept in (unusual for me), worked out (50-50 chance of that being unusual for me), drank coffee, cleared e-mails, read through several blog posts, and am looking at my to-do list.  Typically, a Monday holiday is quiet in our market.  We get calls from folks driving around to an eve...
Today, for some reason, feels differently than usual.  I took a step back, let others take the lead, stopped inserting myself so often in things, listened more and spoke less.  No, I'm not normally a bull in a china shop, but sometimes I tend to step in....whether asked to or not.  There was no p...
It started like any other day, I awoke, made coffee, checked the headline news and weather. Went to my home office, checked the MLS, e-mail and to-do list.  Updated our website, checked activity on listings and made a plan for the day. Stepped to the closet, and EGADS, I own nothing green!  Nothi...
In the St. Louis area, we tend to celebrate St. Patrick's Day for about a week.  With that in mind, I thought I'd share the following info: It's said that Patrick became Ireland's patron saint by driving the snakes from the Emerald Isle (throwing down the witty challenge, "All snakes wishing to r...
03/09/2009 is designed to help people find time to read!  What a great concept this is, take a look:  They will e-mail installments of a book that you choose, on a schedule that works for you (daily, weekdays, every other day, etc.).  The number of installments is determined by the length o...
No, not like "I hear voices", but really, that little thing that tells us to do this or not do that.  You know, the one your mother always told you to listen to.  Well, I listened, and am glad that I did! I was coming home from a late appointment, and swung through a drive-thru for a quick take-h...
Yes, today, the "somewhat" official first business day of the new year, is the day.  It is the day to proclaim ourselves free of the negativity and challenges of last year's real estate market.  Today is the day to tell the media, our buyers and our sellers, and anyone who will listen, that the r...
No, not the band Black Eyed Peas, or a narcotic called Hoppin' John, but the food.  Every New Years Day, my maternal grandfather would cook up a batch of black eyed peas and hoppin' john (the beans mixed with rice, onion, bacon and salt).  Based on a southern tradition, the original recipes of wh...
Within the past 60 days, I've posted two separate blogs about people I've met in my travels.  One was about Lethia Owens, a motivational speaker I had listened to.  The other was a post about the local BCI Foundation, whose mailing list I am on, promoting a way to help them.  Both times, I posted...
I braved the cold weather and sporadic drizzle yesterday to enter the stores, short list in hand, budget in mind.  I wandered the aisles, made my selections, and listened to the holiday music overhead.  Taking my time and consulting the list, surprisingly, it ended up being a very enjoyable exper...

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