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   Fort Pierce was named for the U.S. Army fort built in 1838 during the Second Seminole War by Lt. Col. Benjamin Pierce. He was the Brother of Franklin Pierce that later became our     president.  They came in from  the ocean through the  Indian River Inlet,  located just northeast of Jack Islan...
 What type of Ownership should you have when purchasing you property?Well, That may depends on what State your purchasing a home in. However just what does the words  real estate mean.        The word real means relating to a thing (from Latin res, matter or thing), as distinguished from a person...
  F S B O ,  No, it is not something from outer space. Although it may seem that way sometimes. FSBO is shorthand for "For Sale By Owner." The term is used to identify property, usually homes, which are sold by the owner without help from a real estate agent. Typically, owners advertise their pro...
 It's seems more common than not to find  sites belonging to REALTORS®.   When I  look to add my  own electronic presence on the Internet,most of us  get caught up in designing our  Web page and choosing a domain name that would hopefully  capture the attention of surfers and make us  easily iden...
Purchasing a home is the larges financial decision  in most people's lives. It's use to a goal that can easily be reached if you work hard and take the right steps. For most it requires years of working and saving, finally purchasing your first home is a reward in and of itself, It can be  a rewa...
 More and more people are paying their mortgages late, and  the number of mortgage foreclosures are sky rocketing.Late mortgage payments are at the highest they've been in years with almost five percent of people behind on payments. Bankers say the reason for all the foreclosures is people with p...
As Real estate agents we are, by the nature of our work, in the position to watch out for criminal activity in neighborhoods we work and live in. We are also vulnerable to being victimized when showing properties.Below are some thinks to think about  in order to reduce chances of victimization.Th...
 With the Real Estate Market in the Buyers mode  we have found the need to get back to the basics.I have been in Real Estate in St Lucie County for twenty years. And yes, we use to go on caravans. However from 1998 to 2004 we had no need or time for caravans.  The affiliates and the Realtorsgot t...

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Click on the link below to see some greast Florida Properties http://www.bocaexecutiverealty.com/agents.php