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Liz Spear Team Transaction Alliance Warren County Ohio Residential home sales Serving the Cincinnati to Dayton area, both home sellers and home buyers. Niche specialty in lifestyle/patio homes in addition to general residential real estate.



Can I Buy A Mason Home Without Selling My Current Home? The answer to your question is a resounding:  MAYBE. Yes, it's not as clear as an easy Yes or No, there's a lot of "it depends" involved. First and foremost it will depend on your financial position.  Solid income?  Lots of liquid cash?  Wha...
If You Hate Our Listing So Much, Why So Many Questions? Ahhh, we've seen it so many times before:  Real Estate Gambit #107.  The showing feedback indicates the home is just terrible, needs improvements left and right, substantially overpriced, and yet.....the buyers have all kinds of questions ab...
Cold, Contracts and Curve Balls We're having one of the coldest Cincinnati winters in recent memory.  I think we're at 6 days that have had temps BELOW zero, and that's just this month! With the cold, comes some curveballs, especially when the cold brings some snow.  Besides seeing plenty of cars...
ASK AN AMBASSADOR:  Don't Read This Post!!! ...unless you want to know more about the importance of titles to your post! In some ways, deciding what to title your post might be the most important part of writing your post.  That title may be your first and ONLY chance to get the reader to click a...
Treat My Seller With Kid Gloves OR ELSE! ...we'll take our ball and not play with you! That's the key takeaway from some recent reading about a listing agent's experience with her sellers.  One buyer presented an offer, a "lowball" offer, the seller took offense and refused to counter.  End of ne...
Springboro Ohio Homes For Sale With A Barn Relocating to Springboro and need a home with a barn?  While you won't find many homes in Springboro city limits with barns, when you venture into the surrounding townships you just might finds some homes with a traditional  farm barn or more likely, a p...
Lebanon Ohio Homes For Sale With A Barn How can you hit the broad side of a barn when you don't have one?  Well you can fix that missing barn problem with the purchase of a Lebanon Ohio home with a barn!  While there may not be hundreds  of them for sale, there is a variety of Lebanon homes with ...
Little Miami School District Homes For Sale With A Barn Looking to buy a home in the Little Miami School District and KNOW you're going to need some extra storage room?  Then a home with a barn may be just the answer for you!  Obviously, you're probably NOT going to be in a subdivision, but have...
Foreclosures, Flippers And Hazards To Warren County Home Buying Every home buyer wants a deal, and when many think of deals, the first thing that comes to mind is a foreclosure! However, BIG HOWEVER, foreclosures come with their own set of risks, and by the same principle, flipped homes often hav...
Juggler, Just Another Hat In A Real Estate Day! We'd love to say every work day is completely planned out, all nice calm, quiet, stable....but the reality is a typical day is anything but typical.  We're always just a phone call or email away from having the apple cart tipped.  Now the more exper...

Liz and Bill Spear

Transaction Alliance Cincinnati & Dayton suburbs
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REALTORS(R). Serving Warren County Ohio and adjacent areas from Cincinnati to south Dayton. Observing and reporting on real estate and related topics to help your quality of life! And if you're asking where is Warren County Ohio? We fill the space between Cincinnati and Dayton. Perfect for enjoying the bigger cities without living in them. Places like Mason, Lebanon, Springboro, Waynesville, Franklin and more. Plus lots of rural properties available too. We work with both residential home buyers and sellers and have extensive knowledge of low maintenance living options (patio homes, condos, etc.).