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I COULD NOT BE MORE PROUD TO LIVE HERE! Ok, I know, one is neva' supposed to talk about politics or religion. Especially in these days!Well, if you know me, you know I am passionate about both, so it might be hard to keep my mouth shut.I am so proud to live here in Sandpoint, Idaho.We can proclai...
 WHY DO I NEED A PROPERTY MANAGER ANYWAY? With the upsurge in second home purchases, many people find themselves in a quandary if they should hire a property manager or rent the property out themselves or leave it vacant.This also greatly depends on whether you plan to do a long-term rental (over...
LET'S START WIHT THE OBVIOUS. THE WEATHER. So when you are "60" something, (not saying I am LOL!) who would ever consider moving 2800 miles away? 2800 miles away to a place that differs in temperature probably in some cases 80 degrees from one place to another?From sandy beaches and 80-degree cry...
 HOW DO YOU GET FROM IDAHO FROM HAWAII? Ok, here it is!When we moved to Hawaii in the early 2000s, there was quite a complicated process involved to relocate oneself to the most remote Island chain in the world. The logistics, housing, jobs, businesses. Hard to put one's head around it all at onc...
HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELFDisclaimer, I am not an economist, I am not a statistician. I'm just a Realtor who's been in the business for a long time....It's a crazy market right now. There is good news and bad news in that.Having been in the real estate profession as many years as I have, I've ...
  From the CDA press, Sunday March 31, 2019."As temperatures tick up this spring, more buyers and sellers will be entering the local real estate market. Getting the best Realtor on your side can make a huge difference.Most agents will tell you their business depends on quality referrals. When cli...
  There is hope! (I  think) Spring has sprung ! Literally just a week ago we had 6-8" of new snow!This is a picture of a tree we have growing through our deck. Why a picture of a tree?A tree symbolizes change, growth, seasons, good times and bad and life.If that tree could talk.When we bought our...
 Oh geez, my last blog was about the first snow. Yippee!Ok, I admit, that was A WHILE BACK.Being "new" to North Idaho, I was feeling pretty good about the mild winter we'd had so far (that is until the end of January).I'm dancing around in the office telling everyone I see Pussy Willows already a...
  Our Little Town Embraces Winter 2018 It's snowing today! The first snow of the season!Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! After 20 years of "Santa on a Surfboard", I'm so excited to see snow.Ask me how I feel in about three months LOL!Get out the skiis' snowmobiles, snow-shoes (oh yeah,...
  What are some of the activities in the North Idaho area?Glad you asked. Where do you start?Heres a great resource!North Idaho ActivitiesIce Skating? Bonners Ferry!Ice SkatingMy Favorite Store In Bonners Ferry.Under the SunKind of an eclectic country type store with one of a kind treasures. Ever...


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