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The Loan Modification news site has a great article about the FTC and DOJ and explores if they are helping or in fact hurting homeowners. There are countless stories about Obama's plan failing, and in case you have been living under a rock then let me update you. Obama's plan has failed miserably...
09/22/2009 is reporting that Nations Housing Modification Center (NHMC), is currently under investigation and has been closed since the FTC raided their offices following a report on Good Morning America and World News. "In our case against the so-called Nation's Housing Modification Center, the...
The move by the FTC comes as federal and state officials plan to expand a crackdown on loan modification scams to other schemes that prey on debt-ridden consumers. From the article: Working together, we can send a clear and straightforward message: If you perpetrate mortgage fraud . . . we will f...
A press release earlier today from the FTC shows that they are not in fact starting to sleep but still actively going after those who are accused of scamming home owners into illegally paying upfront fees for loan modification services which are never completed. From the press release: Infinity G...
The current mortgage and housing crisis has resulted in an increased demand for loan modifications.  To meet this demand, new loan modification companies and services are cropping up everywhere.  While some of these services and companies are legitimate and may be able to help you with your loan ...
The loan modification kit over at has dropped in price for a limited time from $99 to $49. The reason for this drop is quite simple: People Need It. Too many people are still loosing their homes. If you are still in your home, its not too late to get a loan modification! Buy ...
"I think the banks are looking at the market bottom and trying to hold on to som eof their loans and properties until things get better," said Bill Newton, executive director of the Florida Consumer Action Network. "But it sure doesn't help the rest of us, especially since they're working with go...
from news: WASHINGTON - Today, the Obama Administration released its first monthly Servicer Performance Report detailing the progress to date of the Making Home Affordable (MHA) loan modification program.  The purpose of the report is to document the number of struggling homeowners...
Summary's of The Federal Loan Modification Law Center is the subject of a federal lawsuit in California filed by the Federal Trade Commission. In April, the FTC charged the firm with misrepresenting that, in exchange for an up-front fee, it would obtain a loan modification or s...
In what is being called "Operation Loan Lies", the FTC has gone after some 173 companies in twenty-three states nationwide for loan modification scam's and fraud.  

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