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This blog will center on various opportunities in the Front Range of Colorado for people to maintain and acquire value in their real estate transactions. You are welcome to post your thoughts and wuestions, too. the only requirement is that you keep it polite and clean. Don't say something in anger, berate or "cuss" on this blog. There is no second chance on that point. My goal here is to help you, and build a place where we can all have some real fun with real estate.
This is a rather serious question. It is the reason that there are real estate licensing rules, and mortgage licensing. It boils down to ethics. Here are the questions: How do you determine the viability of a Buyer prospect? How do you assess the ways you can best serve your Seller? What do you d...
Please read The Creature From Jekyll Island. It is one of the best books I have ever read. It is a history of the Federal Reserve System, which is incredibly detailed, and well sourced. It is probably the best $25 you will ever spend, and an investment that should be a part of every parent's teac...
This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I do a lot of loss mitigation work. This is where banks ask me to meet with a homeowner and look for ways to work things out to keep the homeowner in the home (translation: see if the loan can be saved). This sounds somewhat mercenary, the way I just des...
My son is graduating from high school today. Now I know that may mean nothing to anyone, but it is a right of passage in most developed nations. It is that passage from the relative safety of home and family to a less structured life, whether starting out on your own or going off to colege.      ...
I see a lot of people counting the thread count in the carpet these days. The are looking for answers, but it won't be found searching the carpet backing. Complaining about "how slow things are" won't pass muster, either When times are challenging, that is not the time o focus on problems. The ch...
This is a shameless plug. I am working to grow my business, and need help. I am hiring real estate agents and brokers and mortgage professionals. What i am looking for are people who can be trained to lead teams of agents and brokers. My office works to train the trainer, and develop people so th...
I was doing a bit of cost analysis for my prcatice, to determine a rpojection fro the remainder of this year and out to the next three or four. I am a bit different in my projections, because I don't care for five year projections. Placing things out three to four years ihas allowed me to conside...
What kind of ethics do you practice? This one's a real poser, because many people believe they are ethical? But how are they ethical? Tne definition of ethical conduct is that you are no different when alone, than you behave in a group of friends. Machiavellian ethical conduct dictates the ends a...
As the markets are doing their usual mood swings, and everyone starts fretting and wringing their hands, they need to consider this: the markets are always bouncung around. Warren Buffett makes his money on the panic of other people, buying up businesses, etcc. based on the panic of the general p...
Listening to all of the doomsayers out there, the market looks better than last year, home sales in the Denverr Metro areas are growing, and prices are slowly ticking  up. Not that I doubt NAR economist Larry Yun's' assessment of the market, in principle, but at least for now things are looking b...


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