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we received a couple of nice responses to our last post. One was that the party got good results from a link exchange. Link exchanges are fine, but there is one kiss of death on the internet and that is when you are not in control. Yes you are getting exchanged link traffic, but are you getting e...
Submitting your real estate page to web directories may not be the best approach to getting visitors to your site. Most directories have limited categories which in effect jumbles your page IF ACCEPTED with hundreds more. True, these directories have an internal search engine, but people are attr...
let me preface this by saying that I use the google search engine and a new one, Have no problems with invasion of privacy. This is my new blog post and thought i would submit it to the "little big horn gazette" things that go "ping in the night" ultimately surface on
I spent all day yesterday surfing Real Estate Ranking sites. There are many sites that get alot of hits but was shocked at just how few visitors the majority of internet real estate sites get. Joined or tried to join about 20 ranking services and the bottom of my page is now cramed full of sticku...
according to The 27 year Bull market up trend in the long bond has broken down in the measure of days. This up trend has been in place since 1980.
In our last episode I portray myself as a martian for being an intangible saleman in a tangible market. Received one response and that was a complaint for spam. okay, but then I looked at my blog ranking in a directory and found that /realestateblogs.html was in 6th place out of 27 list...
Marketing your listings means marketing your site. My real estate site is not yet complete as it covers the entire spectrum of commerical, industrial and residential properties both national and international. my domain already has over 3,500 pages and probably have added another 1,000...
LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION LISTING first two digits of your zip code, city, county and state Those in the residential real estate business are simply going to have to expand their scope in a weak market. Everyone knows how the game was played in a hot market and many of the more experienced re...
LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION LISTING first two digits of your zip code, city, county and state

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