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I hate to admit it but I am a latecomer to the social networking.  I never had a myspace and didn't want to get a Facebook because I felt it would consume too much of my time.  With work, family, and volunteering for a nonprofit I really didn't need another "distraction" for my life.  I wasn't wi...
I took my clients out to view properties yesterday.  One of the properties was occupied and so I called and asked the owners if it would be ok to view and what time we would be at the home.   The owner said it was fine and we showed up at the home at the time we agreed upon over the phone.  When ...
This past weekend I had the pleasure of visitng the Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert.  The park was over 4 acres and had a great lake for the dogs to swim and fetch.  There are very few places for the dogs to go swimming and this park provides a great outlet for exercise while staying cool in the scorch...
There has been much talk about what to do with the banking industry now that Bank of America and Citigroup are reporting large losses and may need additional assistance from the government.  Should the government take over the banking industry as we are seeing in the U.K. or is there a better way...
My business partner, Kathleen Ticknor, and I agree on many things.  As she has two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and I have two Weimaraners you can imagine what side of the debate we are both on.  Her dogs are beautiful and sweet and I am sure she can give you a million reasons why her breed is better, bu...

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