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Group1 Commercial Real Estate Consulting is dedicated to serving residential agents, small investors and property owners in landing commercial real estate transactions with professionalism and to maximize return!
Home on 3 acres with a fantastic view in beautiful Bonners Ferry Idaho - Named “Idaho’s Friendliest City”. $324,000   Get ready to enjoy life in this large 3 bedroom 3 bath home on 3 acres.   This beautiful country home was originally built in 1976 and updated in 2009. Approximately 3074 square f...
Photos with a listing are valuable and in this day and age necessary. But a drive by tells a truer picture. With a camera on every phone it becomes very easy to take and add photos of a new listing and place the listing on the local MLS or online web service. With around 80% of home buyers starti...
Even before your MLS stats show signs of improvement you will get an earlier indication from the activity in the commercial market. Because they are not directly involved in the commercial part of the business, most residential agents fail to stay on top of the commercial activity in their area. ...
People will sometimes confuse price with value I received an email the other day with a quote from Warren Buffett "Price is what you pay - Value is what you get". Most people that are looking at buying real estate are looking at the price. What will it cost - How low can I get the seller to come ...
Whether you are listing or selling residential or commercial property knowing your market in great detail will lead to greater success. In an earlier article titled 10 Tips To Help You get Started in Commercial Real Estate one of the items listed was the importance of knowing your market area. I ...
As a residential agent are you ready to handle a commercial transaction? Learn the skills that will help you increase your income. Commercial Real Estate Buyers rely on their agent to provide information that will allow them to make a good investment decisions. Whether the client is an investor l...
Commercial Property - The Importance of Zoning Zoning in an area is often overlooked by both the buyer and the agent when looking at commercial property. Most people assume that just because a property is currently being used, say as an office building, that that is the proper and permitted use i...
It seems contrary to common sense  but a person makes their profit in real estate when they buy it not when when the sell. Let me explain. Normally the selling price on any property will be at whatever the current market is at that time. Usually a buyer will not offer more than the asking price. ...
Community Service Leads to Success in Commercial or Residential Real Estate.   If you are thinking about getting started in commercial real estate but don’t know how to get your feet in the water, remember that the difference between making it and breaking it usually comes down to accessing the r...
In Real Estate there are always 2 buyers in every transaction. For many years in the real estate business I had never heard of this concept of 2 buyers for every transaction. In most cases the seller does not realize that as soon as he receives an offer,at that point, he also becomes a buyer. Whe...

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