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I was reading an article on the deal Disney and Verizon made recently (see article:  ) that will allow Disney to provide exclusive info to Verizon users if they opt-in for this free service. Could this work in our industry for with database marketing? Would the allure o...
According to AdAge there is another social community taking shape. Unlike Facebook the user profile appears to be a little older. Good news for those of us targeting the pre-boomer and boomer market segment. AdAge reports... "Older consumers seem just as willing to compare notes over a glass of a...
The vast majority of us strive to remain in what we term ‘the comfort zone’. I truly admire people that are constantly trying new things or striving to meet new people. I have to admit when I am thrust into a social setting in which I know hardly anyone I freeze. When I go out to eat I look for c...
Are we so busy using social networking sites like Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and yes, ActiveRain (gasp) , that we are not being efficient in our day jobs? If you just stop to consider the sheer number of blogs out there....some with really useful info (others-not so much), that the time mine the...
I know it is on the forefront of everyones mind these days...what is the magic bullet in marketing homes. What is working now? Is it an agressive direct mail? Is it a huge spend in Google Adwords? Is it XM Radio? I would love to hear from anyone and everyone who is having real results. What are t...
'Online Marketing Series' Increasing website traffic…going beyond pay-for-placementTo successfully increase traffic to your website requires a multi-prong strategy. Just because you build it, it doesn’t mean they will come. Prospects can either find you offline or they can find you online. If the...
Today's affluent households spend almost twice the amount of time online than watching tv. Once these potential prospects get to your site, how do you make them stick? How do you get them to stay longer, learn more about them and begin the first steps to building a realtionship?  Having analytic ...
You know how it is, you ask someone a question and the answer given is what they think you want to hear. For example, do these pants make me look fat? Gulp. No, they look great (if the pants were on a cow!). This is my dilemma. I am doing market research in the Triangle area. I want to talk to br...

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