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I am a life long resident of the Greater Sacramento area, and have been a Realtor since 1981. Whether your real estate needs are entry level or executive level, I have the experience to give you the professionalism, you deserve. If you are currently thinking of buying or selling a home, please give me a call. I will be happy to assist you with any real estate needs you have. GreatWest Real Estate is also an excellent relocation resource. Should your move be local or global, I have the resources to give you the best assistance possible.
 In the days leading up to tomorrow's holiday, I tried planning a meal for myself.  There were all sorts of ideas roaming around in my head.  This will be the first Thanksgiving that I will spend alone in over a decade.  But, our family decided to be safe, rather than sorry!I had originally plann...
 Homeowners are often curious about what they will be required to disclose in the process of selling their homes.They ponder whether they will need to disclose the real reason they are selling the home is because of noisy and obnoxious neighbors.An occasional Seller will question whether the ghos...
Other than Halloween, one of my favorite October holidays is International Sloth Day, which occurs each October 20th.Because we are experiencing a pandemic year, it is one of the easier holidays to observe. International Sloth Day requires absolutely no company or friends to celebrate it.  There'...
It is not uncommon for Real Estate Professionals to work with homebuyers, who are reluctant to purchase homes where there is a Home Owners Association (HOA).   This group of buyers, have often head frightening stories of overbearing HOA associations, which are overly restrictive in their rules, p...
Here's an example of why parents should always check their children's homework before they hand it in: A first grader handed in the drawing below for a homework assignment.After it was graded and the child brought it home, she returned to school the next day with the following note: Dear Ms. Davi...
Fishermen in the Greater Sacramento region tend to become excited this time of year. Why, you ask? Because, the Salmon are running up the American River! The skies have been a little bluer in our part of California. Air quality has improved from the past few weeks of wildfire smoke. Along the Low...
For the most part, I feel I’ve emotionally survived this pandemic better than some. I have counted myself fortunate that my children and grandchildren are grown. I can’t imagine the trials and tribulations many parents are currently going through, while trying to see the education of their childr...
This is such an unusual year. Thus far, we have seen many of our favored holidays come and go, without fanfare in the company of family and friends. This morning I realized this is the 25th Annual “International Talk Like a Pirate Day.” For my family, “International Talk Like a Pirate Day,” celeb...
I've been particularly interested in the pool replacement project at Hagan Community Park.  I have tried taking pictures to share with my kids (now grown), who took swim lessons there in the 1970s, and also swam on the Blue Marlins.  However, I found this video on the Cordova Park and Recreation ...
To say I've had fun in my garden during this pandemic would be an understatement.  Several days ago, I wrote a post titled, "A Pandemic Sunflower," about my first experience growing one of those joyful looking blossoms.  While only one seed planted, sprouted and prospered, it did indeed thrive to...

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