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As a listing real estate agent you are always looking for better and more cost effective ways to market your real estate listings. It’s all about the marketing – getting your sellers home in front of the most people in the most effective mediums. Because the Multiple Listing Service or MLS offer...
You will be using video in your real estate business or you will be irrelevant. Yep, I said it. I’ve said it over and over again. You will be using video in your real estate business NOT because it’s SEXY or COOL but because the CONSUMER is DEMANDING It. Video says so much more than text or image...
So you have decided to use real estate video in your real estate marketing, congratulations. I believe there are two types of real estate agents. 1} Those already using video in their real estate marketing and 2} those that will be. As I have said many times before, Real estate agents will be usi...
So, if you have visited my website you know that I often talk about “stories”. How they are a great way So, if you have visited this website you know that I often talk about “stories”. How they are a great way to convey information in a way that most people prefer. Done effectively, stories are e...
“Go ahead and create some real estate content. Then you can optimize your real estate content to get found online by your ideal client. Don’t forget the call to action at the end and make sure it speaks to the value you provide or the problem you solve”   Real Estate Content If you have been cre...
The other day,  The Wall Street Journal, CBS and other media outlets reported what was unbelievable for some – “Kodak May File For Bankruptcy”. This news was shocking to some, not to me. Here is what I believe REALTORS {and all businesses really} can learn from Eastman Kodak. Founded in 1880 by G...
2012 will be the year that real estate professionals across the county will be realizing the power of using video in real estate marketing. 2 years ago everywhere I turned I heard Facebook this, Facebook that – today the 2 syllable marketing powerhouse known as face book is being replaced by anot...
Do you hear that? That rour is businesses across the country celebrating the release of Google + Business Pages. Now if you are oe of those real estate peeps that will say "who cares, I'm on facebook - that's all I need" sit back cause you are about to be school'd! Well real estate peeps the long...
Attention Real Estate Peeps, It Likely Just Got A Lot Harder To Get Found Online Yesterday Zillow Announced it acquired Diverse Solutions. I am not a real estate agent, REALTOR®, Real Estate Consultant or any combination thereof but I believe it likely just got harder for real estate agents like ...
Are you using real estate video yet? After 10 years in the title industry I can tell you that there are 2 types of real estate agents today: those that are using video in their real estate business and those that will be. Just like you HAD to get a website to compete in the real estate space, you...

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