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    Not a day goes by that i dont get a request for short sale leads.  Its actually quite funny since most realtors wanted nothing to do with short sales even 1 year ago.  My how things have changed!  Ok, so you now realize that working short sales can be a great business and one that leads to re...
      Deciding to short sale your home isn't  a decision that should be taken lightly. A short sale can be a long  and "challenging" process.  If you are successful, the difference between what you sell your house for and what you owe is often forgiven (less than 2.5 acres in Arizona).  If you de...
    I remember when everywhere I looked It seemed like every home had a virtual tour.  Maybe its the market but these days thats not the case.  Of course, doing a virtual tour for every listing can get extremely time consuming and of course, expensive.     Recently I was introduced to a new produ...
 What do you mean you didn’t know that they were talking about you, your company, your brand and your service? Of course they are, every day. And not even behind you back. No, the discussion is in the open. Right there on the web, in the chat room, in the forum and on one of the many social media...
I was wonder ing how to do this!Have you been on ActiveRain for a while & wished that you could Jazz up your profile with some reall awesome graphics or picture?  Several members contact me regularly in complete frustration from trying to add a really great looking header to their profile.  Have ...
Mortgage Rates Move Below 5% by Victor Burek Posted Jul 22 2009, 11:09 AM  Email Page   |     Print   |     Bookmark   Mortgage backed securities and treasuries went on quite a rally yesterday following Ben Bernanke's first day of testimony on Capitol Hill.  After opening to the downside, the fi...
OK, call me a newbie but I only recently joined Twitter.  I have been on Facebook for what seems like forever, well, maybe I was the 200 Million user.  While I once thought Twitter was a Fad, I can no longer ignore the power of Twitter. Follow me at You've no doubt heard of...
Seems there is always something new to be learned and discovered.  Twitter, FriendFeed, Online Webinars, the Information is flying around the WEB 2.0 World at high speeds and at high altitudes, but if you try to grab on to some of this stuff, it's amazing what you can learn from being connected t...

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