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Spring is here! My oh my, it has been too long since my last post, however, now is the time for organizing...it is always time for organizing for me! Spring forward, first, let's look back. I wrote a post on organizing your garage in July of 2008 that got many of you interested in reclaiming valu...
             The First 10 Ideas to Consider   Before we get to the 10 Ideas to Consider, I want to share a little story.   I have been a list maker my entire life. My family use to tease me about my "To-Do Lists". One day when I was in my 20’s I visited my parent’s home. As a joke, my Dad, put  a...
Most of us procrastinate in one area or another at some point in our life. There are those of us that procrastinate about everything. Oh, I know, it started innocently enough but in time it became a habit. A bad habit!   Often, we agree to do something in the excitement of the moment, and then w...
  I was researching topics and ran across this; spending money to clean and de-clutter your home can bring a return of 578% on your investment. This statistic supports what I teach my clients. Many people hesitate to invest their time and money in cleaning and de -cluttering. A high percentage of...
  You are ready to sell your home. Great! Now let’s view this property as a product, not as your home. Use your “Buyer’s Eyes” to objectively view your home and find the ways to highlight its assets while downplaying its flaws.   As an organizer, my clients have found someone other than themselv...
MOVING The magazine “Real Simple” offers wonderful advice and guidelines for organizing and moving. They suggest two months before your move that you start going through your home and deciding what you want to move and what you want to get rid of. OR NOT - IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE Improve yo...
    The last several articles on Estate Liquidation were informative but so very dry. This week let’s talk about sparkling things and delightful memories shared with our relatives and friends. Downsizing is a buzz word now but it is not new. My grandparents sorted through all their prized possess...
This group of articles was created to maximize the value of a personal estate while minimizing the efforts by you or for the family, executor or conservator. This Multi-tiered approach to Estate Liquidation leaves the real property ready for SALE after generating maximum income from the personal ...
  "Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin." ~ Mother Theresa     "Where ever you are, be there totally." ~ Eckhart Tolle
  An Outcome to Wish For   Donation and Hauling Unsold Items & Preparing House for Sale      Habitat for Humanity      http://www.lexhabitat.org/   Liquidating the personal property and preparing the residence for sale is a time consuming and labor intensive project. At this stage of the game I w...

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