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 I have had two situations recently where a "magic number" of price was not met so the sellers wouldn't sell.  And in both instances, the offers submitted were not that far off the "magic number" original price.  In fact, they were both right around 95% of the original price...and in this "slow" ...
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then 10 would be worth 10,000 words.  And I think 10,000 words describing your house could lead to a sale much more quickly than only one picture, or worse yet, no pictures.  When searching listings for my buyers, I am continually annoyed and disappointed b...
Even here in Norman, Oklahoma with a pretty stable real estate market, we are seeing properties linger on the market.  And after a house sits for several months, informed sellers will make a price reduction.  And in the unfortunate event of a pending foreclosure or short sale, sellers will sell a...
Whenever I show clients homes and they really like one but hesitate to write the contract, I hear these words in my head, "This one could be gone tomorrow."  I always inform the buyers of this fact but without these exact words.  It just sounds too much like a sales pitch. "Hurry before it's gone...
I was touring homes with a couple from out of town last week.  As we drove around Norman, OK, they asked if sellers had stopped putting their homes on the market since summer was almost over.  I responded that while summer is generally a very busy time in real estate, there are always buyers and ...
So you're ready to buy a home.  You may be a first-time hombebuyer or a seasoned homeowner.  Without even looking too hard, you can become overloaded with all kinds of "helpful" information and advice from many sources like the paper, the internet and your well-meaning Uncle Bob.  Many of these t...
OK, so I kind of took that line from the play, "Oklahoma!".  But it's the truth, especially in these times of attention-grabbing headlines about rising foreclosures and falling home prices.  As Realtors and investors have always known, all real estate is local.  So now the secret is out:  just be...
The housing market is in a slump, The mortgage market is a mess, The whole economy is in trouble.  Sounds like today's headlines, huh?  I'm asking you to take a minute to step back and look at these headlines again.  You've heard the saying "Sex sells", well so does negativity.  I don't know why ...
I have recently had a couple of buyers come to me not knowing what to expect when buying a home.  I'd like to share some information for them and for anyone thinking about taking this big step.  First, I'd like to say that YES, buying a home is better than renting and paying someone else's mortga...
Many local REALTORS in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area attended a blogging class taught by Michael Tritthart from Plano, Texas.  The class was held at the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of REALTORS.  We learned the definition of a blog...a web log, for anyone over 30 who might not kno...

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