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There are buyers out there.  It is just hard to get them to actually buy.  Lots of lookers and lots of showings.  What I am finding here in the Summit County area is that the under $400,000 price range seem to be moving along just fine, well, not fine, but better than this winter.  it is the over...
Buyers and sellers seem to be out in full force.  There are a lot of new listings, everyone seems to want to sell and in this market, go figure.  The buyers are looking for deals, but at least they are finally really buying.  There is a lot to choose from in our market.  Great new listings coming...
In this market i'm trying to be the better agent and go the extra mile.  I need to get my listings sold.  I need your help I am on and do all of the other local ads, even TV. Just looking for tips that will put me ahead of the pack and get my clients' houses sold I have advertised on ...
Hey Fellow Realtors: I guess it's good that I haven't been blogging...means I'm busy, which I am. Our market here is holding steady, prices are a little lower and taking a bit longer but all in all not bad. My new goal is to keep up with this blog and learn from all of you seasoned realtors. Othe...
This is my first ever blog. I am interested in getting started with this new venture.  I have been on facebook, but I felt a bit like snoop dog.  My children are on facebook and to be quite honest I just didn't get it.  I quit before I could explore any professional connections.  I didn't want my...

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