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(Almost Wordless) Wednesday - Yes, one up & several more to go :) !!  ~ Staging the arrival of the Holidays ~ The request was to have the tree decorated for Thanksgiving Guests that arrive the 16th!? I am wishing many blessings for you & your family ~  this season of Giving Thanks! A Tree during ...
I would like to share some of my favorite people on the outside of my associates here, as in the next few weeks we have two MAJOR Art Events!  In Staging we are always utilizing Art!!  I am always for the local art shows & artists...such as the Delray Affair & Las Olas Art Festivals.  They inspir...
Doug Bullwinkel was kind enough to pass forward some job opportunities in the mortgage industry that his company has presently in Sacramento.  Thank you Doug, I am sure there will be a number of people that may either be looking or possibly know someone that is looking for opportunities.  Please ...
One of the reasons I became a Stager, stemmed from my vision with "every" property I see, it also started when I would check into a Hotel during my travels, and the visions I would have, as well as the visions of the homes I would see along my journey of life. I have to say that while there are s...
Wow ~ was all I could think of today, after flying one coast to the other,  to leave again.  I came from California where the weather was awesome, back to Florida where there was flash flood warnings to leave again first thing this morning for @ 5am for 7am departure...only to find a few hours af...
Deb Brooks posted this blog & I just loved it....I came back to look for it today to re-blog.  I know she had a different intent....but with today's weather, I thought it appropriate!!  Be safe everyone!  If we don't doubt change just look at our weather...It is a daily guarantee. Nothing we do, ...
I wish we had a Trader Joes down in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.  I actually wrote to the headquarters last year inquiring as to franchise investment opportunities, or a corporate location to be added to a specific lot in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, of which a lower end grocer was competing for & for...
Hi, I’m like your “Time In A Bottle” & “Elf-On-A-Shelf” all-in-one. My name is Pam Hills, founder of Innovative Artistry. I am a “Comfort Stylist” for Your Property & “Event Engineer” of your valuable milestones.   (hand shake & you are?) (ask for mutual introduction & description) (give two or t...
I came across Tammy Emineth's blog "full" of wonderful information.  It an educational course in & of itself with all the links she has provided!  I have bookmarked for me to refer to & as Richard placed in his comments with this blog, I have no doubt that Tammy is a wonderful source to turn to f...
I found this blog by Alan May just amazing!  I am not sure how many have seen it, but I just discovered it today.  The technological capabilities are nothing short of phenomenal.  I don't have this technology yet, but it would be something now that I would consider, as the possibilities just seem...

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