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Just returning from a few days of hectic pace & going back over some wonderful blogs that regretfully I missed!  I just discovered Jeanean's blog that she posted on the 8th that was just a BEAUTIFUL in expression in so many ways....  I was one of 3 to "suggest" but found that may be others had mi...
This may be my shortest blog ever for me....but what do you think about these two articles...they just happened to arrive after suggesting Vegas Bob's Blog http://activerain.com/blogsview/2550350/i-think-it-s-criminal-for-home-property-values-to-go-down-but-property-taxes-don-t-  (you will see my...
I met a very interesting young woman today that was traveling with 5 of her best team members. I wish all conversations started this simple... (Just kidding many times they do).....It all started with "I love your shoes".... Well sounds simple enough right. (Most of the time, I am the quiet type)...
This was forwarded to me this evening....being as it is "Photo Friday"  I have a chance to share :)!!  I have to try to fit in his 6 months check up & Doctor appointment on Monday with his Mom :)  hopefully I will be on the ground on time....  
Yet "another" amazing contest!!  I had not heard of "elevator speech" until today, but I can totally see how it would be beneficial in today's world where everything is need to now basis.  Hurry & explain, as I have to be in three other places at once frames of mind. Well Rebekah has given us a w...
'Hear ye, Hear ye!'  A new Contest :)!! I touched base at 4am just in a flash when I woke up, but wasn't able to stop til now. Low & Behold a new contest!!  Okay, many haven't recovered from the last contest, but here it is starting today!!      It was a surprise to me, since I just had posted th...
Well over the past few months of discussion the subject of "Sitting On The Fence" has come up often....well I guess that "often" would be an understatement, but we will keep it at often for my thoughts today.... (courtesy of Google) I have said to myself that I can totally relate to the circumsta...
Everyone once in a while you just have one of those ahhhh moments!?! Well, I did late last night. I always try to eat right...  I am not able to always.  Salads many times are my staple & the regimen that I try to keep up.  It helps in many ways health wise.  It was late, late last night & I utte...
Mike Jones in Tuscon posted this from his Grandpa.  I saw this & HAD to suggest & re-blog.  What a GREAT way to start the day!!  Have a wonderful week! ~The Dawning of the Day of Success~ Morgan Arthur Jones was my Grandpa.  He was a New Yorker, and proud of it. I'm 63 as I write this, and my Gra...
I have to share Richard's Blog post. He has come up with some really GREAT videos in the past few days!! Big Hugs to You Richard & all the laughter & smiles you have gifted us with.... Thanks for sharing!!! Passing it forward. Please everyone go over & pay Richard's blog a visit & take a peek ove...

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