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  Who can resist a puppy?...Nevermind a puppy with an adorable face and a shiny bow!!! A puppy for Christmas may seem like a great idea, but there's a detail to remember: Owning a pet may increase your liability. Although all pets present possible risk, some breeds are considered higher risk, su...
  I'm not sure if it's because I'm a Daddy's girl or if it's because my Dad has always been my insurance agent, but the first thing I've done every time a fender bender occurs is get him on the phone...Here's what I've learned from my Dad (who, by the way, works here at Podmaska Insurance).   1....
  Here's just a few ways of saving money on your car insurance you might take into consideration:   1. The obvious factor would be to drive safely! Accident claims and moving violations have a tendency of skyrocketing rates. Of course, an accident is an ACCIDENT...and you wouldn't do it on purpo...
11/03/2010 the temperature changes, we're reminded that the holidays are just around the corner. A fireplace adds an incredible ambiance when the family is all gathered for Christmas. Picture this: christmas tree with twinkling lights, Mom's signature holiday foods, children laughing, out-o...
  So, it's embarrassing to admit that my husband and I had a little dispute last night about what Liability for Property Damage actually covers last night. It's only embarrassing because...well, I'm the one that works in the insurance industry, and despite that...I was the one that ended up bein...
It's worth the 30 seconds of careful thinking. I got an email yesterday about possibly new gang initiation tactics. You hear about these every once in a while. When I was a teen, people use to warn you not to blink your lights to remind another driver to turn on his headlights because supposed ga...
SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! The OFFICIAL first day of summer was last Monday and I've been craving the beach ever since! Thankfully, there are other options for cooling down from the heat when I can't schedule a 45 minute trek to Scarborough Beach--the pool! The pool has been a great form of relaxat...
It's been a while since we've had a decent hurricane and I feel like we are due.  This month, we crossed the threshold into hurricane season and it will continue until the end of November. I never thought that our small state would have been flooded like it was two months ago. Let's not be naive...
  Did you know that the likelihood of getting in a car accident is four times more likely if you are a teenage rather than an adult?? Car accidents are scary and I don't mean to scare you... But, I would like to take some time to briefly state a few tips that can help you or your teenage driver....
Something very exciting is happening at Podmaska Insurance Agency! Here's the scoop: Prices for gas are going back up, TAXES...well, those are always going up, consumer costs are, of course, going up... In a world where it seems like the demand for money is high, isn't it nice to know that there ...

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