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Services for Real Estate Pros - XL Technologies, LLC The Maker of eCampaignPro
Random musings of an entrepreneur and CEO who is passionate about helping provide real estate professionals with cutting edge, easy to use software solutions that gets results.
Syndicate your listing across the net. We recently added a great new, highly anticipated feature to eCampaignPro called Listing Syndication. With eCampaignpro's listing syndication feature you can post your eCampaignPro flyer to some of the most popular real estate websites like Active Rain, Cra...
Attention Active Rain Members!At eCampaignPro, we've worked with thousands of real estate professionals over the years, and have answered thousands of questions about effective email marketing. We've taken our years of experience and knowledge and created The Insiders Guide to Email Marketing, by...
Have you ever tried email marketing? My Company XL Technologies makes an email marketing product called eCampaignPro. eCampaignPro provides the ability to reach thousands of prospects, and agents at a fraction of the cost of a direct mail campaign. Plus we provide real time statistics on who read...
Today, almost every consumer seeking to buy real estate begins at the same place: the Internet.  Online, information must be presented the way the user wants it or they will leave that site. Write your online materials from their perspective, not yours. Speak their language by giving them the inf...
Well my friends at Imerex are at it again. If you remember from my last post, the experts at Imerex, an online marketing agency, will offer tips on how you can maximize the results of your online efforts and achieve a greater return on investment. This month's tip is something that all real estat...
Never Ever, Give Up For those of you in real estate who think things are tough right now, I suggest you read the following story and watch the associated video. The story is about perseverance and the commitment to achieve even in the face of extreme odds. Most of all, it is a story about a fathe...
Recently my company, XL Technologies, LLC has partnered with IMEREX online marketing solutions to bring our users marketing tips from the search engine marketing experts. IMEREX is a top of the line marketing company so if you get a chance please check them out at In our la...
The Power of FocusIn my experience, focus is the most important determination of whether you'll achieve a goal or stick to creating a new habit. Not self-discipline, not rewards, not sheer willpower, not even motivation (also an important ingredient, however). If you can maintain your focus on a ...
The market is down, prices are falling and everyone is cutting back it's gloom and doom everywhere. However, what does every top producer do in a down market? Markert that's what. Because increasing marketing when everyone else is cutting back is the best strategy in a down economy. Why? Because ...

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