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One of Delaware's best features is the variety of plants and flowers that can grow here.  We are really fortunate to have four distinct seasons without it really getting way too hot or way too cold. Lately, homeowners have become more environmentally aware of their impact on nature.  They are sta...
Meeting with buyers and sellers is what real estate agents do.  Meetings at the settlement table is really important.  It is critical for the agent to maintain the professional and confidence that their clients want to see. However, in a few days I will be in what I consider my most important mee...
My husband who reads newspapers and watches news sometimes until 2:00 am told me this morning that Obama has probably picked Delaware Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate for November's elections.  Biden is from Delaware and I am from Delaware so for a Delaware kind of thing, I am happy. Bide...
My daughter seems to be one of those children/people that knows when some one is hurt, down or sick and she'll make an effort to make them feel better.  It is really sweet and sometimes it can be a little scary. Today after dinner, I looked at my husband and daughter watching tv and said - no, le...
I am headed out to Illinois soon for a wedding and we will be driving.  I live in Delaware so that is a 12 hour trip, sometimes less.  My husband and I are slightly insane but we like the drive AND it gives me a chance to pick up other towns' and states' real estate guides. Everywhere we go, I am...
Rehoboth Home Services do a little bit of everything, but what stuck out to me was that they will inventory and catalog a home's contents to so that the owner of family can decide to donate or keep the items.  Here the information from  their flyer.   Our mission with Rehoboth Home Services is to...
I don't know why I do this to myself, I fall out of the exercising band wagon and stop watching what I eat and all of the sudden those pounds I managed to lose come creeping back.  But what is the worse is the lethargy.  I recently started running again and believe me I am not grace in motion whe...
I have been a member of Active Rain for just over a week.  I have known about ActiveRain for about six months and knew that it had a lot of merit because of the marketing and education potential.  Today AR  hit 100,000 and today I used my participation in ActiveRain to keep a major listing for th...
It is great to come to the beach to play in the sand and swim with the kids, take them to the boardwalk and mabye a summer movie.  Occasionally, the weather does not cooperate. Here's a suggestion - take them to the public library to look at books and hang out, albeit quietly. Rehoboth Beach Publ...

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