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Real Estate Appraiser - is Richard Ferris. I am a Florida state certified real estate appraiser serving clients in Lake county, Orange county, Osceola county, Polk county, Seminole county, and parts of Volusia county. My blog concerns local market activities, general thoughts on my real estate world, and technology tips to be more productive as a paperless office.
As a religious person - I participate in pennance services, seasons such as Lent, etc.  So I have a confession to make.  It's been more than a year since I have been on Active Rain!  OUCH! Can prodigal real estate sons come home too?!   I have been thinking a lot about some of the changes in the ...
I am not sure if this means better days are ahead for appraisers.  A recent article on the website entitled "AMCs: Prepare for Appraisal System to Change, Fees to Rise" ( ) highlighted the changes coming to the appraisal industry. I was asked the other day b...
As an appraiser, I rely on data.  I rely on keeping my files safe and secured, and for maintaining them for a minimum of 5 years after they are produced per USPAP and licensing laws. A number of years ago I decided to go paperless.  So no more file cabinets, manilla folders and printed hard copie...
My friend Tom Horn gives us 5 very succinct reasons!  Sometimes the simple and straight forward approach is the best!   Great article Tom! I had to share!! Have you ever gotten an appraisal back on your home for a refinance (or sale) and found that it did not appraise for what you thought it shou...
I received this email today with some very interesting topics!  Particularly, the need for reviews of appraisals made in Florida, to be performed by Florida licensed/certified appraisers.   That is VERY good news for our industry here!   What are your opinions?  Should those reviewing appraisals ...
I just caught an article from a couple of days ago, about the $50 MILLION dollars spent...of your taxes....on defending former execs of Fannie and Freddie.   One line should do it for you:      "According to a recent analysis by the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s inspector general, $37 million ...
I ran across an article today about a new community being developed near Disney.   The "Golden Oak" community was highlighted in a recent Orlando Sentinel article which states this community opened in October 2010.     And yet - this is the first I am hearing of it!   No wonder, with homes over $...
VERY good advice and tools in this article by Rebekah Radice!!  Some of the links to free tools - a WIN for your tech bag!!  We are living in the social media age of instant gratification.  Everywhere we turn whether it’s Facebook, Google or our best friends blog; answers to our most pressing que...
I recently upgraded my iPhone to the 4S and love it. I also discovered the voice recognition software in the device, for things like sending text messages, asking for searches, etc. "Siri" is the personal assistant with the new OS - and she does a great job with web searches and even some fun ban...
I love Rachel Dollar and the Mortgage Fraud Blog!  It is amazing to see the lengths people will go to steal and defraud! This latest article drives home the point I often hear in appraisal forums and continuing education classes that, "mortgage fraud would be impossible without a complicit, corru...

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