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The Lenders, The Dreamers and Me Immigration, as a topic, has been in the news a lot lately. Without weighing in politically, at least overtly, this is a matter close to my heart as it's not hard for me to forget that my grandparents fit the classic Ellis Island mold that shaped the lives of coun...
FHA FAQ Maybe you just got the news from your loan officer that you need an FHA loan in order to qualify for your home purchase.  "Oh brother," you say, another acronym, additional lending jargon and still more ways to be confused about the whole mortgage process.  Or not?  What are the differenc...
Lock Watch for the Week of 4/29/2019 Volatility-O-Meter:FOMC meeting and announcement this week, but no rate change expected.  Still, watch the language and watch the employment report on Friday too. Economicalendar (all times are Pacific):Mon, 4/29:    Personal Income and Outlays (5:30am).Tues, ...
Having Your OREO and Depleting It Too Asset-backed or asset qualifying mortgages are not endangered species around here.  Not a week goes by where we don't field an inquiry from a home buyer or homeowner seeking a mortgage but devoid of the typical income qualifying requirements; paystubs, W-2 fo...
Lock Watch for the Week of 4/22/2019 Volatility-O-Meter:And you thought Good Friday was last week... Economicalendar (all times are Pacific):Mon, 4/22:    Existing Home Sales (7am).Tues, 4/23:     New Home Sales (7am). 2-Yr Note Auction (10am).Weds, 4/24:     5-Yr Note Auction (10am).Thurs, 4/25:...
Rental Income from Accessory Units.  Hot or Not? I don't know about where you live, but here in Marin County, accessory dwelling units ("ADU"), also known as accessories, 1+'s, granny units, in-law's, mother-in-law's, etc., are all the rage.  When we discuss remodel projects with our clients, add...
Lock Watch for the Week of 4/15/2019 Volatility-O-Meter:Fairly light week of reports that should mean no fireworks.  But beware every time you issue such a comment... Economicalendar (all times are Pacific):Mon, 4/15:    Empire State Mfg Survey (5:30am).Tues, 4/16:     Industrial Production (6:15...
ARM vs. Fixed If Stairway to Heaven is the most overplayed song, then the 30-year fixed mortgage has got to be the most overplayed loan option.  And like the iconic tune, the 30-year fixed is really great.  I mean for most borrowers, it's the clear way to go.  No rate changes, 360 equal payments ...
Lock Watch for the Week of 4/8/2019 Volatility-O-Meter:Inflation readings and auctions should backdrop an interesting week. Economicalendar (all times are Pacific):Mon, 4/8:    Factory Orders (7am).Tues, 4/9:     JOLTS (7am), 3-Yr Note Auction (10am).Weds, 4/10:     CPI (5:30am), 10-Yr Note Aucti...
Is Your Mortgage Lender Requiring Flood Insurance? Up until this point, everything was going great.  You loved the house, it fit your budget and, by the grace of God, your offer got accepted. But then it was your mortgage lender, Dasher of Dreams, who let you know that the property sits in a spec...

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