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At RealtyCandy we have spent the last year working on making a suite of tools called IDX Addons.  These tools extend the functionality of IDX Broker.  Most of them are WordPress plugins.  Today I want to share with you a little about one of our newest tools: Automatic IDX Broker Saved Searches fo...
We are really excited about the new http://LasVegasIDX.com site.Now Las Vegas realtors who are members of GLVAR will be able to quickly get a professionaly designed WordPress real estate website or get IDX Broker setup to their site, or just get some IDX Addons for their existing website.  Of cou...
We are working on developing a new mobile tool for our clients who are in MLS areas that are using the http://www.reso.org/certificates/#was_cert RESO API.We need 2-3 agents who would like to be beta testers for this.We will provide a new website that will be available to you at no charge for 6 m...
Not everyone is using text messages to keep in touch with their IDX clients like we discussed in this post. Some are using email to nurture those leads like we discussed in this article about what is more important than just GETTING leads...  To Spam or not to Spam? That is the question.  Sometim...
How important is a domain for SEO?I recently did a blog post titled: How does Google Mobile First Search impact real estate websites? but how  does the domain impact Google search? Sometimes we don't really understand how SEO works.  Will my domain name change the way people find my site?  The th...
 Search Engine Watch announces the Google Mobile First SearchGoogle is moving to Mobile First Search but how will that really impact your real estate website?There is a great article here at SearchEngineWatch about the new Google Mobile First search changes. What the article explains is that Goog...
One of the questions people ask on our chat at RealtyCandy.com is "how can I make a microsite or an individual agent site or community site using WordPress or IDX Broker?"Here is a quick tutorial showing how you can make a microsite in just about 5 minutes.  Have you wanted a quick and easy way t...
I wrote a blog last week about how Nurturing Leads is more important even that getting leads. Today let's quickly look at 3 reasons SMS, TXT or Text messages are key to success with Nurturing Leads. 3 ways TXT  messages Nurture LeadsThere may be millions of ways to get the benefits of texting in ...
Could there really be anything more important than getting leads? I just had an interesting experience today as I was looking at a client's IDX Broker information.  I was working on something else and just out of curiosity, I looked into their "leads" to see how many leads they had gotten.  Only ...

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