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Current information about the real estate market, homes for sale, market statistics including sold data, community information and news for Lafayette and West Lafayette Indiana and surrounding communities!
We're real estate agents that focus in on selling and buying homes. But a tragedy such as the one we saw on September 11th, 2001 is one that impacts every aspect of the American way of life. So, we wanted to take a little bit of time to reflect, to encourage, and to honor those who sacrificed so ...
As real estate agents, we often ask ourselves, what's the bottom line? What will it take to get this house sold or the next client their home? What will it take for the next inspection response to be accepted? As business men and women, we can also get caught up in the bottom line of our business...
Do you know who John Jacob Astor is? He's the first multi-millionaire in the United States of America. Pretty impressive considering this was in the early 19th century and started from a fur-trading business. But, what's the big deal? We have tons of Multi-Millionaire's in the USA today right? No...
A real estate agent is always learning. If the MLS isn't changing, marketing methods are. If marketing methods aren't changing, laws are. If laws aren't changing, then the world has come to an end. So, one of the key assets to surviving in this business is learning. Learning what works and what d...
There is a rumor circulating right now that there may be a possible merger between Trulia and Zillow, two of the most widely used real estate listing sites on the internet. Like wildfire, the rumor has begun to spread throughout the real estate network on the internet. But what does this really m...
Do you like Elvis Presley? Maybe you just like classic cars. Or maybe music and dancing are your passion. Maybe they all are a love of yours. Whatever the case may be, on July 19th, 2014 you can experience all of this in one location; Dancing in the Streets. Dancing in the StreetsĀ  The citizens o...
Free fishing? Believe it or not, fishing isn't free in Indiana. You have to have a license for it. These fishing license in Indiana can range from $9 for a single day pass, or you can purchase an annual pass for $17. At least, that's the typical cost for a fishing license. You then have to add $1...
When Does a Lead Become My Lead? It seems like a question with a very simple answer, doesn't it? A lead, being the interest of a buyer or seller to work with a specific real estate agent or to buy a specific home that a real estate agent has listed, is the source of competition for real estate ag...
GE Aviation has decided to build a plant in Lafayette Indiana which will be producing the L.E.A.P. jet engine. L.E.A.P. stands for Leading Edge Avaiation Propulsion. This is incredible news, for a number of reasons! It means jobs, it means economic stability, and it means that Hoosiers have much ...
Waterstone Subdivision Overview Just off of Memorial Union (350 S) in Lafayette Indiana, is a neighborhood that may just make you think your in the perfect neighborhood! Waterstone is definitely a great neighborhood. With a firestation at one end of the nighborhood, and surrounded by churches, g...

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