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  If you are working with a current homeowner interested in retaining their home and purchasing a new primary residence in Colorado Springs, it's important to understand what is allowed by Freddie Mac.  The rules below also apply to a buyer with a current home under contract that will not close c...
I had the fortunate opportunity to spend time in the Charlotte, NC airport the other day.  Now mind you, taking the long way home from New York to Charlotte to Denver did not feel lucky initially.  By the time I had landed in Charlotte I was exhausted and eager to get home.  As I stepped into the...
  Colorado home buyers have many reasons to love FHA loans! An FHA home loan offers multiple benefits to Colorado Springs, Colorado home buyers including a low down payment, low interest rate and flexible lending guidelines. FHA loans are also a great alternative to Conventional loans for those t...
There is great news on the horizon for any eligible current or ex VA service member!  As of October 1, 2011 the VA funding fee will be reduced for all first time and subsequent users. On August 3, 2011 President Obama signed into law the Restoring GI Bill Fairness Act. The benefit to Active Duty ...
  What a day for interest rates!  The Federal Reserve might have secured low interest rates for years.  While we always need to give the market a couple of days to digest the information, we could see interest rates drop to new record lows. Whether that is the case or not, current interest rates...
Integrating video into your marketing efforts is an exciting step. It can also be frustrating, aggravating and downright maddening if you don't have the right tools. The learning curve when it comes to video editing can be extreme depending on the system you choose. Make your video editing easy b...
Today’s home buyer isn’t the buyer of five or more years ago.  After the sub prime collapse and the subsequent tightening within the mortgage industry, today’s buyer is savvier then ever.  They are street smart having built an education off media and newspaper reports forecasting continued doom ...
It’s no secret that social media is hot, hot hot! With over 750 million people using Facebook alone, it’s obvious to see why everyone from the national car dealership to your local bakery is using social media to get found. Social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are where all the cool kids are ...
Question: I am a veteran living in the Colorado Springs area and would like to use my VA eligibility for a second time. I had bought a home and used my VA home loan eligibility several years ago, but have since then sold that home. My concern is that I was told by my loan officer that I could no...
We hit the road just a mere 24 hours ago for what was to be a fun road trip.  We were headed first to Santa Fe for a business trip and then off to Scottsdale for an industry event.  Two of our favorite places in one trip sounded like heaven!  We decided to take "the kids" for their first long di...

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