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I would like to pose a question to the group. What do you do to cover your health benefits? Being an independent contractor leaves you without insurance coverage, and you're much too small to get a business group policy. I see ads from a few companies, but when I complete my due diligence they ju...
Do we really get the support in Washington? I have always been an advocate of supporting industry leaders when it comes to law and policy being made that impacts my business. What are your thoughts regarding the issues of this congressional session? What organization do you support and how often ...
Why is it that people give false or error prone contact information? Recently I was on an open house and I left out a sign in sheet for the visitors to sign in. This is not uncommon but lately I have been getting many entries with false information or errors in phone numbers and or e mail address...
I have a client with troubled credit and we are having a tough time getting approval with the mortgage lender. My client wants to pay $850 to have this credit repair company fix his credit. I do not know if this is a good idea or not. What are your thoughts?   ..... Rick
Hi everyone,  This is my first blog entry, please come back often to see what is intersting and new at my blog.   Warm Regards, Rick Touchstone

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