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I recently posted about your criminal members of government in a post HERE.  A common theme among them was that they all belonged to the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, and Trilateral Commission.    So what are these goups and why do all your "representatives" belong to unelected ...
It's time real history gets heard. You can verify or cross reference anything in this video. I've done my research, people need to get to the core of what is going on in the world. This video is one of the best that sums up YOUR LIFE. Please forward this video to everyone you know. Keep in mind t...
This can only send shivers down your spine.
Here is a brief overview of the Cabinet (if you dig deep, some of the stuff gets insane)  Some stuff they "forgot" to mention on the 6 o'clock news.  Now this isn't an Obama bashing thread.   You have to realize he had no say in who the cabinet was going to consist of.   All these people are appo...
Homes sales for May in London, Ontario stayed steady. Thanks to record low interest rates, home buyers are purchasing at a steady rate, particularly first time home buyers. While the economy has taken a beaten in the manufacturing sector, overall it's steady enough and combined with the low inter...
Yes it is possible. Very possible. More importantly, now that I have your attention, as we explore the topic I'm addressing hopefully you will experience just a small paridigm shift in your thinking to at least make you ask some questions. Questions which will hopefully help you see what is the s...
The results of April home sales are in and the London area proved to be very active. Detached home sales increased by 1.8% over April of 2008. This is very surprising stat - I expected the numbers to be good given the activity and interest I've seen generated over the last couple of months - but ...
Real Estate home sale numbers are in for March. Homes sales were solid for London Ontario. They were down 7% compared to March 2008 - which is encouraging (If homes sales for the remaining 9 months are 7% less then 2008's numbers, that would be a decent year).I've repeatedly said that home buyers...
Mortgage interest rates in London, Ontario continue to drop. 5 year fixed terms can now be purchased at 4.19% or maybe a little less. These rates are at historical 50 year lows. A $200,000 mortgage over 25 years equals $1,070 monthly payments. A $150,000 mortgage is $805/month. If you wanted to d...
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