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We have all had enough time to be able to look back and really start to see what has gotten our country in the condition it is now. Greed, poor decisions, over spending on every ones part, heads in the sand mentality etc. etc. etc.There is a scientific principle that has held true that for every ...
This great quote was, of course penned by Zig Zigler, I read him years ago and loved what he had to say.  I think this saying is very profound.  Short and to the point.  I am sure you have listened to someone either trying to sell you something or convince to join some group, etc. etc..  I could ...
  I live in Ulster County in the hudson Valley section of upstate New York. I wanted to talk about a Not for profit organization  in my neighborhood that is making a Diference in our area.  This company helps first time home buyers, they help people into section eight housing, they council home o...
When a house sells there are many many people who benefit from the sale of that house. From the Realtor and the bank and the respective attorneys to the electric company, gas company, grocery stores who are now supplying the food to the new homeowner to the insurance company who has written the p...
I hate to remember last November but I do remember last November.  I was scared, worried, and completely quiet in the way of customers or clients.  All the financial woes were rearing their ugly heads and nobody was certain where the economy or our country was going---- Today I feel hopeful and g...
just saw a listing on our MLS with a cap rate of 8%. Now I am sure that pretty much everyone that might be reading this blog knows what they are getting for their money in cd's and t bonds etc. So why is this listing still on the market? If the owner is correct and this is truly giving a cap rate...
It's funny that several years ago when the feeding frenzy on real estate was with us and the prices were rising and rising you couldn't stop someone from buying real estate, fighting in bidding wars and now with prices down, rates at historical lows and a great $8,000 tax credit being given, peop...
Finally someone talking about a four percent mortgage rate This is a link from Fox Business News. We need to get everyone included in this. Refinancing, new homes, homes in trouble. If we want to get a real stimulu...
A couple of days ago I copied an articfle which I thought was not only interesting but positive for our industry.  Now I see this article which I have copied also which leads me to this question:   JUST WHO CAN WE BELIEVE WHEN IT COMES TO STATISTICS? The existing home sales data which was release...
As per Ken Sweet of Fox News on Monday March 23, 2009:   The number of existing homes sold in February unexpectedly rose last month, an industry trade organization said Monday, as distressed home sales continued to remain the dominant force in the nation's impaired housing market. According to th...

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