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Many REALTORS® look for insurance coverage of various sorts.  Recently released have been the rates for the oft-mentioned California Association of Realtors insurance provider, Real Care.  While benefits may vary at times between programs, it lacks in competitiveness in regards to affordability. ...
The National Association of REALTORS® has taken the next step in providing security for their members by offering REALTORS® Dental Insurance (RDI). An affordable, next-day coverage benefit that is available to all members and their dependents, RDI provides a means to build added confidence. While...
Decisions abound...  As President Obama made his press conference on Wednesday, March 3, wheels began to pick up the pace on both the Republican and Democratic sides. In legislation that implicates many of the same subjects that so heavily have been debated to date; the American citizens are not ...
With many California Realtors being concerned with rate hikes from Anthem Blue Cross, their hopes have been high through investigations of the legality.  The fog and smoke Anthem has announced that they will go ahead with rate hikes while many California members have reached out to the NAR progr...
While losing insurance is awfully scary for many, Realtors should consider themselves lucky.  Have you lost recent coverage through yourself or possibly a spouse?  Don’t worry, there is a great option for you.  Realtor Core Health Insurance can reassure you next-day coverage without the need to ...
While too much time is spent these days searching for reasonable insurance coverage; finding a provider that best suits YOU has become obsolete.  Instead of searching for a doctor for your specific needs, we are often given a list to choose.  While it does ease the selection process, it also res...
RealCare insurance marketers have been consistently providing members of the California Association of Realtors group health coverage since 1996.  At the beginning of the week, Anthem Blue Cross (insurers of the CAR benefit) announced a 39% increase of premium cost.  Clearly causing concern among...
  #1. Are You Looking for Options? “We are grateful to be able to provide health insurance options for NAR’s uninsured members. What we didn’t anticipate was the impact on the 70% of members who currently have medical coverage. Many of these members have high costs associated with their current m...
2. Are You Looking for Accessible Medical Providers? You can go to ANY Doctor or Hospital and the benefits do not change. But if you do choose to see one of SASid’s more than 1 million contracted Preferred Providers, you may get an additional discount. Frequently Realtors® inquire about whether ...
  Have you had difficulty obtaining coverage? The REALTORS® Core Health Insurance program is a Guaranteed Acceptance program. Meaning, because you’re an NAR Member, you are already qualified for coverage with no medical tests or questions required. Pre-existing conditions do not prevent you to en...

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