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Scott has owned and operated a full service home inspection company since 1995. Serving a 100 mile radius of Nashville, Tennessee.



I have included a summary in my report since 1995, or when I started inspecting homes. Why do I include a summary?  I guess the main reason is that if as a buyer I needed an inspection I would want to have a summary in my report.  As a buyer I would want to know the high points or the problems th...
It happens every year, just like clockwork.  As the home sales slow so do the home inspections and this is when many home inspectors start harping about mold testing. They are trying everything they can to keep their sales up and their bills paid.  The home inspector profession is divided into a ...
FYI!!!ASHI has just launched it's new inspector website   This is for home inspectors and the old is now the consumer site.  If you belong to ASHI the members only section with the new discussion board is accessed through the
Just around the corner is InspectionWorld .  All ASHI folks should know about IW as it is ASHI's annual educational conference.  This year it is being held in New Orleans, LA.  Low price airfare make it easy to fly into New Orleans.  Hotels range from the $70's to as high as you want in the Downt...
I have noticed that many of the blogs that we are seeing have information from , it is a great resource that if free for anyone to use.  After you start looking through it you might recognize a good amount of the information on the site. If you need just basic informati...
I could not find a specific site for home inspectors in licensed states or in states that might become licensed.  I started a new AR Blog Group site Licensed Home Inspectors so that we can talk about licensing issues or anything that has to do with home inspector licensing.In 2008 it looks like w...
This year 2008, will be the first year for Tennessee home inspectors to face the license renewal process. This coming June/July and the following months,  will be the first time that licensed home inspectors in Tennessee will need to have continuing education for their license renewal.  State law...
Thou shall market to others as you would want them to market to you!I have been self employed since 1991, four years selling real estate and the past twelve years as a home inspector. For most of my self-employment history, I have marketed to others as I would want them to market to me, much to t...
Are those frosted or milky looking windows making you fret?  Well they should! Frosted window take away from the value and the beauty of a homeMany people (including many home inspectors) believe that the problem with Fog, Condensation or Moisture in their windows means that the window seal has b...

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