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KNOWING WHAT IS IMPORTANT This Blog post in going to be pretty brief and to the point and have nothing to do with business so just bare with me for a min. The one thing the holidays days is make me step back and look at what is important in life andhow quickly things go change the world around yo...
INCITE TO THE SHORT SALE TIME LINE I must get asked about a dozen times a day what is the short sale time line. Funny thing about that question is there is no good answer for what the short sale time line is it all varies on a number of factors who the lender is in the short sale time line. Most ...
Many of the larger mortgage lenders in the country are showing a sense of compassion again this year as they have announced that they will not evict any families from their homes during the holiday season. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have also joined in by announcing that they will freeze anyforec...
Des Moines Lenders        In the real estate industry choosing the people and industry partners to work with can make the difference for being a successful real estate agent or one who just gets by. This brings me the to question how do you know whether you are working with a good Lender Partner....
I'm completely shocked I have been trying to get a hold of a short sale client for the last two weeks trying to get a copy a Mortgage statement. I haven't heard anything at all so last week I call him and leave him a message stating again that the short sale process doesn't  work if we don't have...
Good Morning to all today is the first day of October and it seems hard to believe but soon the year will be over and the big question for me will be how was my year for me it doesnt matter so much how many homes where closed but more importantly the people I have helped whether  it be a traditio...

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