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  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY EXCHANGE NETWORKING EVENT Making Transactions Happen!   Monthly Reminder             Come to the Williamson County and Northeast Travis County Commercial Property Exchange Networking Event!   Meeting every 1st Thursday of the Month   Williamson County Association of Realtors...
  cc: by:ht     Ignore the Noise…..   So much “noise” today. Race riots, political unrest, Coronavirus and more…..listening to all of it can not just be overwhelming, it can be downright depressing. Months ago I stopped watching the news.  I have not been the worse for it...
Small Balance Stated Income Loan cc: by:   SMALL BALANCE STATED INCOME LOAN ARE BACK!     We can do small balance stated income loan for commercial investors and business owner occupied deals with NO Tax returns required to underwrite the deal!      credit scores as low as...
What is a Commercial Mortgage Back Security Loan? cc: by: CMBS loan is different from a traditional commercial loan. With a traditional commercial loan, the lender gets paid back over time. It is different with a conduit loan because the loan will be sold and packaged al...
SBA Disaster Loan Program – EIDL The application is one form at which includes the EIDL up to $2MM and the Grant for $1,000.00 dollars for each employee you have. It will ask for your business routing number, etc. If they accept your application, they will wire t...
cc: by:      The stock market has rallied off the lows, so much so, that it has broken through key technical resistance. So of course, a pullback is going to happen. Except there is an old adage that says, you can’t fight the market. So of course, then it should keep goin...
  Did you read Danielle Hale , Cheif Economist at  Predictions for 2020 before and after COVID 19 
cc:by: Businesses Needing Cash - Cash is KingBusinesses should always keep track of their cash situation and make sure they are really turning a profit. Don't be misled, if your debts are growing, if you are putting more and more debt on credit  cards, are probab...
 Check out these Great Books about Investing in Real Estate Peter Harris has a couple of great books, "Commercial Real Estate for Beginner's" and "Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies".  These books include the financing side of what lenders look at to approve a loan which is very helpful...
05/16/2020   Equity Loan – How to Tap the Equity In A Commercial Property WITHOUT Refinancing!   You know the situation…..client owns a property that cash flows nicely and has appreciated in value but it has a HUGE pre-payment on it like Defeasance or Yield Maintenance. You don’t w...

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