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I a Mortgage Consultant, and I am here for all your mortgage related concerns. Got questions? Call me for clear, straight answers - without a sales pitch! My direct number is: (203) 227-2422.
OK - You know that guy or girl in high school that was always hitting you up for lunch money? Remember you'd loan them $5 once, maybe twice, and didn't get paid back. Then, when they hit you up the third time, you said, "Hey! Wait about the $5-10 you owe me from weeks ago!? Unless you had other i...
When Sellers list their home for sale with a Realtor, they must complete, sign and date a questionnaire concerning various details of the house and property. The questionnaire requires answers to all sorts of questions concerning plumbing, structural faults, leaks, drainage problems, heating pro...
I recently responded to a blog asserting that the best time to buy a home is now. We've all heard that mantra from countless salepeople, so it should come as no surprise. However, my feeling is that the best time (recently) to buy and hold was a about 5 years ago when rates were much lower, and b...
Do you have a Purchase Client that has a special situation? Like a some of our Clients that want to purchase a new home before selling their present home in this (or any other) market? Good Income? Good Assets? Just can't find a Mortgage Lender to lend for a short time because of the risk? What D...
RESIDENTIAL APPRIASAL REPORTS A few things Homeowners should know: 1, Mortgage Lender require a minimum of 3-4 "comps" (sold home comparables) and as many as 8 on an FHA Appraisal. 2. The "appraised value" of a home is the "opinion" of the Appraiser. 3. In a mortgage application file Appraisals a...
Even in the worst of market times, people have to purchase a home. As it come as no surprise that the state of the economy and mortgage industry is troubled, at best, I would like to your attention to our 5/1-ARM. In the event you or someone you know is shopping for a Jumbo mortgage, please consi...
This is sort of a continuation of my last Blog - How many of you like to Network with Business Associates in person? When you do, do you: a. Show off your cooking skills at home and suggest you gueat bring a bottle of wine. b. Order out for something like pizza or Chinese food from home. c. Meet ...
Hi All - Question: What is your very favorite Fairfield Country Restaurant? This can be anything Burger Joint, Pizza, Local Pub. I guess you could even say your Mom's house -  but only if she'd be willing to cook for all of us! Let's see if we can get a really good thread going... Please limit ch...
Everyone Loves a Good Rant - Right?! Admit it - you secretly dare to use that exclamation point instead of a period... Come on. Tell the truth! ! Oh, yeah!!!!!!!! -----ahhh, um, ok - sorry - got a bit carried away there. Anyway, some wise non-blogger said, "Brevity is the soul of wit." 1. Make su...
 FICO - Fair Isaac Corp - Wants to Keep You in Debt! Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) builds credit models. They analyze credit in 80 Countries (according to thie web site). Fair Isaac Corp. designs the "credit models" (inner workings) used by Trans Union, Experion & Equifax If and when you payoff y...

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