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In this economy I can see that people are having a hard time deciding whether to "spend" money on staging. The better question is should you "invest" in staging. Staging is an investment, and an investment that pays you back. According to the most current stats from 95.6% of staged...
In my last blog I talked about what your primary colors say about you find it here. Now we will see what your secondary colors mean. So pick your favorite and least favorite from the secondary colors on the right. YOUR FAVORITE SECONDARY COLOR reveals your actual thinking process when it comes to...
I came across a really neat color tool at my local hardware store. It's from Valspar. They have these nifty overlays with different rooms and different exterior shots that you can overlay on the color samples you select. What's great about this as opposed to the online tools is you get to see the...
I've been reading a book on the Dewey Color System. Without getting technical, Dewey Sadka has created a system based on color and how our preferences can be used to reaveal the core of our personalities. I've tested this on myself and some friends and have found it to be surprisingly accurate in...
When a client's house is on the market I always ask them to remove their personal photos. A lot of times they aren't receptive at first. But once they understand the why behind it, they are on board. So here are the big three: 1. When a person is shopping for a home, they want to imagine themselv...
I am happy to say that I just got my first AR referral from a fellow Stager (Kym Hough). Thanks Kym! Just goes to show that this networking stuff really works. She had a client she had worked with in her area that had a house she was flipping in my area. I got the call and within a week had stage...
I met with a client a couple of weeks ago and gave her a bid to stage their occupied home. She was on board and we scheduled a date to come back. The next day I got a call from her saying they were getting an offer from a neighbor before it went on the market and she wanted to see what happened. ...
Classic 1940's 2 bedroom, 1 bath bungalow on an extra large lot with room to possibly build a second unit. This charming home is ready to move right in. It features a living room with fireplace, formal dining room, cozy country eat-in kitchen, hardwood floors, partial basement or wine cellar, and...
I am considering getting my real estate license. I am the owner of a staging company and really do not want to sell real estate but thought it would be a good idea to have my license just so I can keep up on trends in the industry, be able to access the homes I stage and also get referral fees fo...
I recently was called by a Realtor friend who's house has been on the market for about 3 months. She has great taste so she didn't think it was necessary for me to help her stage her house. She had mostly good comments about the house but recently received one that said it felt cold and sterile. ...

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