First, I know what you are thinking. Is this guy crazy? Well, think of it this way. Has there ever been bursts of real estate sales due to forces that didn't have any base in logic? Of course there has been. I have had clients buy homes because they really like the neighbors, or they won a bowlin...
My clients and I are "up" for House Hunters on HGTV, and I am super curious if anyone can tell me what their experiences were like on the show? Is it worth the pain? For the agent and/or the homebuyers? Any comments would be appreciated! Stieg Strand, Broker/Agent  
With nearly 15 years in the Real Estate industry, I am still pondering this question, and I would love to get some feedback on it from Realtors that have an opinion. Below are a few "starting" points of though:  What criteria defines a "referral"? How do you measure the "strength" of a referral? ...
Simply put "homeowner stress" in today's marketplace can take on a few forms: Slow payments (paying your mortgage, but rolling 30, 60, 90 days late or even later) No payments - For whatever reason - divorce, medical bills, job loss, interest rate increase you are having a difficult time making yo...

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