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Not Everybody Will Like You It is not necessarily a pleasant experience, but there will be times in our lives when we come across people who do not like us. As we know, like attracts like, so usually when they don't like us it is because they are not like us. Rather than taking it personally, we ...
I was in Macy's yesterday just shopping around and had so many things in my hands  including a purse, a cell phone, and many clothes I planned to buy.  The burden was getting so heavy I could hardly continue shopping.  I noticed the saleslady and walked over to ask if I could leave some of the i...
Okay, I know I am the one who is usually trying to tell every one to stay positive but I am the one who needs to be told that today.  I am exhausted.  I have been working since the crack of dawn and it is now creeping toward 10:00 and I am nowhere near finished but feel like I need to take a huge...
I received this today and wanted to share it with all of you. It would be nice for us start the week with this thought. Enjoying Life Life, in all of its fullness, is happening right now. While our thoughts are sometimes elsewhere, beautiful opportunities and moments are being passed over and los...
Tips for Buying Welcome to Texas! Information to help you settle into the Lone Star State If you just moved to Texas, you'll soon learn plenty about the culture, customs, and history of the state. In the meantime, here are a few items to consider as you get acclimated. Get legal on the road As a...

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