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Hi Everyone!  Today was President's Day and yesterday I did have a little timeto remember it;  today I've come to the Sandbox -'to the party' a little late. Although I checked out quotes from all the presidents, I completed my searchwith two former presidents:          George Washington (1732-179...
Hi  Everyone!  On my way to Sunday Morning church services... Over 30 yearsago my MOM shared a quote with me which I have taken to heart and lovedthrough the years.   The  author of my treasured quote was William BoydWatterson, American former cartoonist and author of the 1985-1995syndicated comi...
Hi Everyone!  Saturday - where did Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,and Friday go?  Have a wonderful day!                                           Jane                                                                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "We should not give up and we should not allo...
Hi Everyone!  Have a great day!                                                    ~Jane                                                                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Life is a Journey, not a destination."                              ~Ralph Waldo Emerson"I'm still learning."     ...
Hi  Everyone!  HAPPY VALENTINE'S  DAY!  As a child, my MOM alwaysmade Valentine's Day cupcakes, white icing and decorated with Red CinnamonCandy Hearts with one larger heart that said,  Be My Valentine.  I found MOM'srecipe and brought some Valentine's Day cupcakes to the Sandbox this morning.   ...
Hi Everyone!  A little gloomy here in Orlando today; in fact, 80% chance of rain - currently 59 degrees with an expected high of 62 and a low of 48.Hey, that's the kinda day I get lots accomplished.  Taking time to drop offmy quotes for the day at the Sandbox... For me the Sandbox is an energyspo...
Hi Everyone!  Just back from the Physical Therapist...Think I am gettingbetter.  I have told you how I hate exercises and at this point I have eight different exercises to do daily plus daily walks.  She did strap me in aninflatable apparatus this morning. It circled my torso and I was sure itwas...
Hi Everyone!  Sunday evening here in Florida.  Had a soft rain all day and thesun refused to come out and play.  Hope you had a perfectly magnificent day!I did read a number of ActiveRain posts today written in the spirit of lovingand giving; therefore, I chose that as the subject of these Sunday...
Hi Everyone!  Stopped by the sandbox and notice everyone must be busyat the office or on appointments.  I'll just leave the quotes of the day inour special 'Sandbox' plastic Real Estate holder.  Have a wonderful day!                                                                                 ...
Hi  Everyone!  Still in a plan; - hate to let my subconscious think I call it a 'battle' with myself ----physical therapy, exercises and walking.  Readan article yesterday that claimed that it takes on the average of 66 daysto form a habit.  If I read that correctly, I will have until somewhere i...

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