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Hi Everyone!  Thursday and is everyone happy?  We still have days left in thisweek to put things together and make it a great week.                            Jane                                                            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new....
Hi Everyone!  Just making a quick stop to drop off a few quotes.  Sort ofhad a busy day; how about you?  Hope you are having a wonderful week.                                                                                                                                                      Jane ...
Hi Everyone!  Lately I have been wondering, or 'pondering' as Michael Jacobswould write.  And I wonder: 'What ever happened to Honesty and Ethics?'  I wonder: Did they take a break, gone for a long nap, or left the planet?'  Whatever, but they seem to be MIA - missing in action.  Yet, it is said ...
Hi Everyone!  I am an Astrologer, as some of you know.  Began my studies inthe subject back in 1968.  There is a saying among astrologers that it takes 3lifetimes to become knowledgeable and proficient in the subject.  For thoseof you who might like to know, I combined the above with a degree in ...
Hi Everyone!  This morning I reblogged Ron and Alexandra Seigel's Mondaypost: 'Musings: On Happiness & Befriending Who We Are.'  There is a sayingthat if you throw a stone into the water it ripples.  I believe that is a niceanalogy of ActiveRain -- we learn from one another --we also 'ripple.'  T...
Hi Everyone - Happy Thursday!  Today I  would like to rebog this wonderful post of  Ron and Alexandra Speigel.  It was featured by some of our ActiveRain groups.  I printed it out to reread for its information and invaluable insight.Thank you, Ron and Alexandra.  You are excellent writers.       ...
Hi Everyone!  Wednesday and wishing we had lots of time to just visit andshare, however I imagine we all have our days planned out and workingon them.  Sending you best wishes that you have a really great day and mainlythat your day is filled with happiness.                                       ...
Hi Everyone - Happy Monday!  I had a wonderful weekend - the weather here in Orlando was so perfect and contributed to me having a wonderful birthday.As many of you know, I have 9 children - 4 sons and 5 daughters and theymade sure the weekend was just perfect;  and it was.  On top of that on Sun...
Hi Everyone!  Sort of a quick stop at the Sandbox to see you and to dropoff the quotes of the day.  Hey, let's make it a great day!                Jane                                                                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"What you think, you become.  What you fee...
Hi Everyone!  Peaceful and quiet Monday;  oh, and also happy.  You see, bothGreen Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears won their games yesterday.  Bothare my teams, that is unless they are fighting it out on the same field.  Reason:I was born, raised, and lived 33 years in Green Bay;  Moved on to Ch...

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