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Hi Everyone!  Sort of a quick stop at the Sandbox to see you and to dropoff the quotes of the day.  Hey, let's make it a great day!                Jane                                                                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"What you think, you become.  What you fee...
Hi Everyone!  Peaceful and quiet Monday;  oh, and also happy.  You see, bothGreen Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears won their games yesterday.  Bothare my teams, that is unless they are fighting it out on the same field.  Reason:I was born, raised, and lived 33 years in Green Bay;  Moved on to Ch...
Hi Everyone!  Today is one of our heavier days in life - We remember aSeptember morning, 2001 and the 9/11 attacks in which almost 3,000 peoplewere killed, over 6,000 injured, and a $10 billion loss in infrastructure andproperty damage.  In the months and years that followed, additionalpeople die...
Hi Everyone!  Busy week and still working on a happy note today after thegreat Packer - Bear Game party we hosted last evening in Orlando.  Somuch fun and especially nice to watch the Packers win 10 to 3.  Food anddrinks were perfect and some of the guests lost their voices - lots and lotsof scre...
Hi Everyone, from Central Florida! We in Orlando are very grateful today -yes, tired and exhausted mentally and physically from a week of worry andpreparation for our battle with Hurricane Dorian.  Originally we were in thepath of a direct hit, but in the end the Dorian Hurricane - storm, winds, ...
Hi Everyone!  For no apparent reason that I know,  I woke up this morningwith this thought about Life: 'Sometimes You Win and Sometimes You Lose.'True, I live in Central Florida, Metro-Orlando...perhaps I have been toolong spent this past week watching the TV Weather station - my mind on allthe p...
Hi Everyone!  Happy Friday!!  Yesterday I read a great post written byAlexandra, Ron and Alexandra Seigel and reblogged by Barbara Todaro:August 26, 2019 -'On Multitasking and Mindfulness'   It really spoke to meand of course, I went to quotes to play.  Maybe you might find it helpful --I would l...
Hi Everyone!  Just a quick stop to drop off the quotes for Wednesday.Thinking of you and hoping you are having a wonderful day!!       ~Jane                                                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  "Put all your excuses aside and remember this:  YOU ARE CAPABLE."     ...
Hi Everyone!  Watching the news early this morning, I saw a report thatlongevity is the result of a happy and positive disposition.  It reported thatexperts claim our genes account for about 20%-30% of our longevity andthat 70%-80%depend on our lifestyle.  Of course logically this follows:healthy...
Hi Everyone!  From Orlando and wishing everyone a spectacular week!  Yes,we will work hard and yet, we will manage to stick some laughter and fun intoour week...and because of reminders of  James Dray  -- Smiles,  too.                                                                               ...

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