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It’s amazing the things one remembers. Mr. Stringer, my 7th grade math teacher, was full of down-home Will Rogers style advice. Much of it had little to do with math, but I remember it quite clearly, none-the-less. There’s one pearl, which made me particularly red-faced no matter how many times h...
Some will recall reading 10 years ago reading that my baby daughter, Mililani Browning, graduated from Kamehemeha Kapalama.  Boy does time fly!  Mililani went on to complete her degree in agro-ecology from UH-Hilo.   To be honest, I wondered how she intended to make a living.  Here’s the thing.  ...
Whether on-line or in print, real Estate ads are subject to a couple of sets of regulations. Disclosing the “value” of an estate is fairly unique to Hawaii. Until a few years ago, designation of an estate quality as either “fee simple” (FS) or “leasehold” (LH) was required on all forms of advert...
Getting old can be tough. Apparently the idea that 70 is the new 50 doesn’t apply to buildings. Let me explain. A couple of years ago, Act 228, aka The Historic Preservation Act created new requirements for owners seeking to alter or demolish any structure 50 or more years old. Passed in July 08...
We love our pets. Pets help make a house a home. Pet issues require special considerations when selling your home. Cats, for instance, are a common source of allergens. Some people react violently to them. Buyers sometimes refuse to view a home with cats inside. Pet smells can be offensive. Litt...
With a singular purpose of protecting the American Dream of homeownership, over 50 REALTORS® from Hawaii (including seven from our local trade association) joined over 13,000 REALTORS® from around the country as they rallied on the lawn of the Washington Monument on May 17th.    Many impassioned ...
In most real estate sales, there’s a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent.  While there are circumstances in East Hawaii when a single agent represents both parties, such situations are not the norm.  REALTORS® subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics.  Our REALTOR® Code of Ethics is the value proposit...
One of the places buyers and sellers go to find information regarding local real estate is Trulia aggregates a lot of great real estate information; crime rates, information regarding schools and to a lesser extent, comments from locals about the area. Truth is, it’s a great site ...
Even though rentals can now be listed on our Multiple Listing Service and many are still listed in the local paper, Craig’s List is where most people begin their search to find new digs these days. While most postings are completely legitimate, unfortunately, Craig’s list is often a conduit for s...
Picture this.  It’s almost moving day.  It’s your first home.  Your agent explains the purpose of this last visit is to simply make sure the home has been left reasonably clean and that it has been maintained as it was when you viewed it initially.  It’s been a lot of work to get to this point. ...

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