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Happy New Year!
North Buffalo is where I grew up and where my 88 year old Dad still lives. They started this amazing Christmas walk about 6 years ago and brings out tons of people. Plus, most serve free wine and some sort of snack - like crackers and cheese. The other thing I like is I insure 4 restaurants on He...
In this short video, I explain how not to end up with a "broken insurance policy" in New york! I don't know how other states work but in New York, a judgement is a lein on real property! Watch it here. Trying to be helpful for you New York based Realtors who are selling homes and rentals every day.
The 9 Factors That Are Used to Rate Your Auto Insurance! These 9 factors are used by ALL insurance companies to rate your auto insurance but some weigh each factor differently! Some may use credit as they heavier determination factor, some may use age, some claims and yet some your zip code! And ...
What is considered an "Act of God" on my Home Owner Insurance policy? We recently had a client of ours call to say his neighbors tree fell on his fence, car & garage and how does he put a claim in against his neighbor's insurance? Act of God Wind Damage We had to explain to our client that since ...
The burden of proof in a homeowner claim is always on the insured - the homeowner. Since that is the case, I am suggesting you take your smartphone and record what you have inside your home. This then becomes your proof at the time of a claim. No claims adjuster could deny using this for proof. A...
Watch this quick video, why yu need renters insurance, if yu are a renter. WATCH 83% of renter's don't carry renter's insurance and should! I expalin 3 reason's in the video. Tom Larsen
Quick video of what commercial property owner's need to do to protect themselves further. I hope this helps you. Tom Larsen
With all the noise online, on TV, on your car radio, screaming and yell - save 40%, 15 minutes can save you 15%, nobody beats XXXXX insurance - who do you trust? Insurance - particularly car insurance - is being sold on price alone. Yet, I see every day the errors and mistakes people are making w...
We recently had a situation where the new home buyer was having a hard time finding homeowners insurance...until she called us. The previous owner had 5 claims over a 5 year period and 3 of those were for thefts (not good). Where a lot of insurance companies were denying her, we have one (actuall...

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