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A California-based company is planning a 380,000-square-foot commercial center on 37 acres in the northwest Arizona community of Golden Valley. Westar Development's Aztec Business Center is proposed three miles north of the thousands of homes Las Vegas developer Jim Rhodes hopes to build in the m...
The reasons for optimism:During the 2005-2007 correction:Median household income grew by 5%4 million jobs were created2 million "legal" immigrations to the U.S.U.S. population grew by 5 million people.House prices fell, so affordability is up !3 million family formations"Boomers" retiring abated ...
Following-up with leads is how to get new business, but how you follow-up with your leads dictates whether that consumer stays a "lead" or turns into a prospect or client.  Here are some tips in making the most of how you follow-up with your leads and how to ensure your message reaches them. 1.  ...
Rhodes sells water and utility companiesRhodes Homes Arizona, LLC announced Friday afternoon that Utilities, Inc. of Northbrook, Ill., has purchased Perkins Mountain Water and Utility companies, and at the same time, filed an amendment with the Arizona Corporation Commission to turn over control ...
The rules covering splitting land into smaller parcels gets a review in Kingman this week.The Mohave County Planning and Zoning Commission is holding a workshop Wednesday on land division regulations, at the request of a number of developers.Dividing land has been a source of contention within th...
Email this article • Print this article Developer Ronald Loveall of GV 566, LLC is planning to put an outlet mall, warehousing, small manufacturing and retail pads on a 367-acre property on U.S. 93 just north of Mineral Park Road.The proposal will be reviewed by the Mohave County Planning and Zon...
Chrysler LLC officially announced its purchase of the Arizona Proving Ground testing facility Friday.Chrysler, Arizona and Mohave County officials were on hand Friday to dedicate the takeover of the test facility about 25 miles southwest of Kingman. Chrysler Vice President Byron Kearney cut a cer...
* Start with curb appeal. This is especially important if you're planning on selling. First impressions are lasting ones and unmown grass or shabby planting beds make the kind of statement you want to avoid. Keep grass well trimmed and planting beds watered. If you don't have a green thumb, choos...
Wal-Mart is one step closer to building a distribution center in the Kingman area.The retail giant has approved a payment to secure water from the Interstate 40 system, Mohave County Economic Development Department Deputy Director Jonas Peterson said in a news release Friday.The project manager f...
When it comes to economic development, Mohave County is on roll.Just after celebrating Chrysler's ribbon cutting at the Arizona Proving Grounds last week, where the automaker announced it was officially assuming ownership of the testing facility, word has come that a stalled warehouse project may...

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