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Tucson REALTORĀ®, Dan Grammar of RE/MAX All Executives and Tucson's Lender, Jason Rose of NOVA Home Loans, pull no punches with Straight Talk on Tucson & Southern Arizona's Real Etate Market, National & Global Economics, and Marketing & Advertisment strategies in current market conditions. Come listen to the knowledge, experience and expertise of some of Tucson's Finest!
Wow! Tucson's market is heating up to match its weather! My last three listings sold in 1-3 days, CASH, and with short closings and very clean offers! It is my speculation that the warm weather is certainly a catalyst to this increased activity, but I'd think that some of it may be event driven, ...
A thought for the day, on rising interest rates and the "Chicken Little-like" conversation I heard this morning: Regardless of where interest rates are today or, in my humble opinion, where they will be for the rest of this year (and probably well beyond), buying real estate is a wize investment....
American Marketechs Proudly Present the VeteranRelocators.com Web Portal! Hello Everyone! I apologize for having been gone so very long. I have been working diligently on the project I last posted about, nearly a YEAR ago! VeteranRelocators.com is nearing its launch! It has been a long time comin...
Wow...I find it hard to believe that I will reach 10,000 points so relatively quickly (please, no laughing)! I really have enjoyed meeting so many people so quickly and find this tool (AR) to be an awesome way for like-minded professionals to meet and discuss pertinent issues that effect our indu...
Ok, I will now commence my story, where I left off prior to my "Vacation", hoping to bring smiles to the few faces that actually read and subscribe to my babblings.So, when we last left our suspense-filled story , our "Loan Counselor" had finally heard the halftime whistle for the paper football ...
RE/MAX Balloon Rides! This story is long overdue; as you can see by my last blog post, I've been taking some time off. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! A local Tucson Lending Guru and Buddy of mine, posted a resent blog entry regarding the RE/MAX Balloon and my Tucson Real Estate RE/MAX Team located here in Su...
Vacations - The Natural Elixir For Staying Power in Real Estate!I know, I know, I heard all about not posting for over a week or so now. BUT, I have my reasons!Just so you that you know that it wasn't due to procrastination, lack of content or creativity, or even a paper football tournament, I wi...
So, when we last left our suspense-filled story, our "Loan Counselor" had yet to "counsel" my clients and the clients, still clinging on to the advertised and contracted "incentive" from the Builder's Lender to cover up to $4500 towards closing costs, waited patiently to hear how great news from ...
So, in our last post we saw Lender's cringing, Agents incensed, and Loan "Counselors" playing paper football, in thier "spare time". Today...the rest of the story. Well, my clients, still believing in the "system" and wanting to give the benefit of the doubt to the stated response time of "one bu...
"R-E-S-P-E-C-T...Find out what it means to me.." lyrics we all have heard from the ageless voice of Aretha Franklin; I think "The Queen of Soul", gets it and I know, we all want it.It seems like it would come natural, but I think we all know that is not always the case. Actually, I am amazed at o...

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