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Learn how to buy affordable health insurance and employee benefits without an agent. Use our tips and online tools to buy health insurance, term life insurance and annuities
As the fall season approaches, many large and small companies will begin to start shopping for their 2009's employee benefit programs. Typically employers should plan on shopping insurance 60-75 days before the desired effective date.High deductible health plans and Health Savings accounts will c...
The California Healthy Families program provides comprehensive, low cost health insurance, dental and vision coverage to children under age 19.To qualify for the program, the child(ren) must:** Live in California** Are US citizens or qualified immigrants** Are not enrolled in nor eligible for no-...
If you own private health insurance, there is a good possibility that you could see three rate increases in 12 months. The first increase can be at 6 month's, another on your birthday and a third on the 12 month anniversary.Anthem Blue Cross of California has recently modified their renewal proce...
It is becoming increasingly popular to have Health Insurance providers allow members to select the type of Prescription Drugs he/she would like to fill at the pharmacist. Different co-payments or deductibles may apply to these selections, so it is important that you understand the difference betw...
Most self employed individuals and seniors seeking Delta Dental Insurance are limited to buying individual plans that are DMO's - Dental Maintainance Organization plans. Like medical HMO's, DMO's often have limited dental network and it is highly unlikely your dentist will be on that list. If you...
It's time. You have weeded through various Health Insurance proposals and you have finally selected a plan. Now you must complete an insurance company application.The first step to apply for coverage is to decide whether or not you want to submit a paper or electronic application. There are pro's...
Stay home longer with the right Long Term Care plan.Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) doesn't always have to be used for funding a nursing home or assisted living facility. Today's LTC plans can also help you stay at home when you need alittle extra help and you don't want to burden your family with...
You may have already received a sizeable premium increase notice and you are confused about what options are available to you.A frequent question that we receive is "Why is my Association Health Plan so Expensive?"Whether you work with a local or national association, trade union or other affilia...
The has been a growing popularity of "Life Settlements". A Life Settlement provides the insured the ability to sell his/her policy, rather than letting it lapse. The policy is usually sold for more than the cash value. The purchaser of the policy becomes the owner and pays all future premiums.The...
How many times have you felt under the weather, but you don't go see the doctor because of the "hassle factor". First you will have to clear your schedule, possibly call in late to work and make the trip to the medical center. You know it's the flu - everyone has it. You arrive, sign in, pay your...

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