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Wheather its a home, co-op, condo, townhouse, or commercial building, have a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED inspector perform you inspection.In business since 2005, we performed thousands of home and building inspections throughout Nassau county, Suffolk county, as well as the five boroughs of new York City....
Many people on Long Island when they purchase a home don't consider drainage and grading. Continue reading on my website
It never ceases to amaze me that people still try to pull off a home renovation without major issues being found by the home inspector once the house is on the market.Few people buy without a home inspector, so the shoddy work should show, and it does.We are experts in finding the electrical, plu...
Gas piping to a dryer is NOT supposed to be installed by your husband, a friend or anyone else but a professional. Case in point the dryer I saw in Selden NY last Sunday. Someone installed a flexible copper tube to the dryer, and this is beyond a poor installation, and into the realm of stupidity...
I have found some of the most unprofessional companies prominantly listed on the web for hosting and SEO since I started my business. Get ready for this one.I switched hosting and asked for SEO services as well which were $199 a month and things were going well for 4 months until an update was ma...
Many inspectors do there own termite inspection, but I do not, nor likely will I ever. And for very good reason. In New York state, you must have an applicators license to dispense pesticides and install bait stations, so without the applicators license you cannot treat the home, and are therefor...
Ever notice that you never see a laundry chute from the first floor to the basement, or anywhere for that matter, in a newer home? Do you know why?  Have you had an inspector mentioning 'disable/seal off the laundry chute' to a client or in an inspection report? These time saving devices are a gr...
Since Hurricane Sandy here in NY many people have opted for standby generators for electricity when power goes down in their neighborhood. I often see serious hazards with these installation, and realize these are installed by homeowners or contractors that are not qualified. Generators release D...
Yet another home that I inspected on Long Island that was purchased as a flip to make money on, and of course it is sold as completely renovated. But it was not completely renovated.   Many homes in the late forties and early fifties had their service panel in a bedroom closet, and ungrounded wir...
Many homes I inspect on Long Island and in Queens - Brooklyn area are quite old, and as such have had repairs and additions over the many years these houses have existed. People add rooms, expand kitchens, install tile floors and other such improvements, but so often the workmanship appears amate...


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