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Owning a home is a dream that is shared by millions and millions of Americans. Earlier in the decade the national home ownership rate reached a record high as almost 70% of all families owned their own home. This number has fallen during the  recession and subsequent rebound, however the dream o...
Fannie Mae has announced that their guidelines are changing pursuant to requirements for “Qualified Mortgages” as outlined in the Dodd-Frank Act. What does that mean for the average homebuyer? While there are many changes included within these new requirements some of the most important adjustmen...
Changes In Loan Ownership Nicki Long’s questions were simple and straightforward: “Who owns my loan?” the single woman asked. “Why is it such a big secret when you try to find out?” Mortgage banking is no longer the simple business it was 20 years ago – even eight years ago. Your monthly mortgage...
There are multiple credit scores out there, but the most common is your FICO score, which ranges from 300 to 850. A score of 780 or above is considered excellent and will land you the top deals available, while a 720 to 780 is strong but may not qualify you for the best rates, says John Ulzheime...
Now that the shutdown has lasted at least a work week–we have to ask the most important question. How much damage was done to the economy because of the actions or inactions of Congress? And it was not just the government shutdown. What we are talking about here is is also the threat of the shutd...
Financing a home can be a very confusing proposition. There are literally hundreds of mortgage programs and rate combinations available: fixed rates, ARMs, buydowns and more.  Even more confusing, many consumers may not know that they can purchase or refinance using more than one loan against the...
More than 44 percent of home buyers who plan to buy a home within the next two years said they would be willing to go over their budget by up to 10 percent in order to buy in their preferred school boundaries, according to a new survey by®.  Three out of five home buyers surveyed said...
Housing demand from move-up buyers — or existing homeowners selling their current properties to replace them with a more expensive home — is on the rise as home equity levels improve. As home prices continue to increase, so does demand from move-up buyers, who are now able to provide a substantia...
Many consumers do not understand the term “mortgage insurance” — both what mortgage insurance represents and what mortgage insurance options are available to them to help finance their homes.  First, mortgage insurance exists to help lessen the risk to a lender when a consumer puts less than twen...

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