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 More and more pools no longer have to stand on their own . It is becoming more popular in Southern California to enhance the enjoyment and ambience of the pool setting with creative thought out décor which reflects or  reveals the pools owner and taste. One intriguing means of accomplishing this...
       I love doing open houses! Sometimes they are very lively with lots of screaming kids. One time a collage aged girl screamed when the light suddenly turned off while she was looking in the cold,dark cellar.  Some open houses are very ordinary.  Not long ago I was holding a open house in Cer...
                                                 Have you ever had one of those days when something wasn't quite right but you couldn't put your finger on it? It isn't like anything is going wrong, something just doesn't feel right.                                                  Well, I remembe...
     I signed up with A/R last year then I went into a "twilight zone". I didn't understand the concept & awesomeness of A/R back then. I now am telling my story and saying a BIG HELLO to one and all in the A/R world. I remember as a child liking different houses. I like the shape, feel and look ...
OH MY ! What a missed opportunity ! I just found out I could have been making $10,000 a month just by DOOR KNOCKING.  I have been street walking(tee hee) & door knocking for the past 3 1/2 years and getting close to nothing. My story starts with a phone call today from a very nice gentleman who s...
   YEP, here in the wacky west coast in Southern California, you too can go to jail for using wood logs in your own fireplace !  I heard this on the news the other day (KFIam) its a legitimate proposal.  Whats next ?Outlawing blue eyeshadow for blondes?  Now, we will have to hide the wood pile in...

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